Meet Socks Of Catan Collaborators: Guido & Benjamin Teuber

We recently caught up with Settler’s of Catan creators, Guido & Benjamin Teuber, to hear how the Socks Of Catan collaboration was born.

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Tell us a little about



CATAN was first published in 1995 in Germany. It took my dad 4 years to develop the game.

We had a feeling that this would be a popular title among gamers, however, we did not anticipate the success in the mainstream.

It took us over a decade to grow the CATAN brand — mostly by word of mouth — in the US. Our publishing partner, Mayfair Games, has carefully and diligently expanded the CATAN brand into the broad market.

We love the fact that CATAN brings together people from all walks of life. We have seen teenagers playing with their grandparents, conservatives with liberals, luddites with techies, etc.

How did the Betabrand + CATAN collaboration come about?

Kate Connally, CEO of our publishing partner Bontom (Catan Anytime), arranged for a meeting with Betabrand’s Chris Lindland and Sarah James. I had mentioned to Kate that I’m a big fan of Betabrand, so she suggested we get together. After a lunch meeting we were all in agreement that the world of Catan was in dire need of socks.


How was the sock design developed?

Betabrand’s Sarah James designed the socks. We were very excited about the addition of CATAN socks. Sarah took the lead and regularly checked in with us to get our feedback.

How did you feel when you first saw the prototype?

Really pumped, because I knew that the socks would complete my business-casual attire, consisting of the Executive Hoodie and Disco Pants. Everybody had fun with this project and I spotted quite a few people in our extended team sporting CATAN socks since!


What do you think made Socks of Catan a success?

When wearing them while playing CATAN you will definitely experience a competitive edge, as they bestow special negotiation powers upon you.

What about the process with Betabrand sticks out as most positive?

We definitely love their embrace of the creative process. Also, they are very reliable and skilled communicators.

Would you recommend the Betabrand Think Tank to other companies & designers?

In a heartbeat. I am a huge fan of Betabrand products myself (who would want to attend a business meeting without the indispensable Executive Hoodie)! Even before knowing Sarah and Chris, I had recommended Betabrand to friends, some of whom have even participated in the Think Tank program since. After our collaboration on the socks, I can wholeheartedly recommend Betabrand to friends AND business partners.

Julia Marino

Julia Marino

Think Tank Community Manager at Betabrand
Julia is Betabrand's Think Tank Community Manager
Julia Marino

Julia is Betabrand's Think Tank Community Manager

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