8/20 Newsletter: Our First Shoes!

In today’s cranium-convulsing, all-crowdfunding newsletter: space-age Tyvek shoes, wholy Wholesters, Disco Jackets, microorgasmic menswear, and much, much more.

Dr. Hu & Nath Effect High-Top Shoes

YES, WE NOW MAKE SHOES! Introducing Nath Effect and Dr. Hu, prototype high-tops from Betabrand and the shoe savants at Unbelievable Testing Laboratory, aka THE UT.LAB.

As you may have guessed, we’re pretty thrilled about our latest collaboration; just like that first pair of baby shoes, we feel like we need to get these babies bronzed for posterity. First, however, we need them to reach their crowdfunding goals, and that’s where you come in.

A few reasons why you may consider crowdfunding these new kicks:

    • This futuristic footwear is made of Tyvek, a flash-spun material that’s circus-strongman strong, yet incredibly lightweight — a size-10 pair weighs less than 16 ounces! — not to mention waterproof and breathable.
    • Each pair features Poliyou rubber insoles that provide superior support and comfort while fighting foot-odor-causing bacteria. In other words, go ahead and wear ’em commando-style.
    • You’ll save as much as 30%, but only for a very short while.

Dr. Hu Light Wing Franklin

Visit the Dr. Hu and Nath Effect product pages for photos, videos, and other stuff that may interest seekers of sneakers.

(You’ll notice a conspicuous absence of women in both product galleries. That’s because we’re offering only men’s sizes, for now. If these prototypes reach their crowdfunding goals, we’ll make more — for men and women.)

Remember: The sooner you fund, the more you’ll save! Same goes for all the other crowdfundable items below.

Nath Effect Light Wing Franklin

Wholy Wholesters!

Like an accessories alchemist, Cat DuBois has combined the convenience of a utility belt with the style of an urban carryall.


Whether you wear the Wholester over your shoulder or around your waist, while running errands in the city or attending the desert festival that actually inspired Cat’s design (yes, we’re referring to Winnemucca Western Days), rest assured that life’s little necessities will always be at your fingertips.



New Disco Duds

Introducing the lightweight Disco 2-Tone Track Jacket, designed by Danielle Gentile, and the Women’s Disco Varsity Jacket, from our own Izzy Le. Both combine black and extraordinarily rare copper disconium for a brand-new look that’s rendered DiscoLab scientists speechless with awe. First up, that Track Jacket:

Disco 2-Tone Track Jacket

And here’s Izzy’s Varsity Jacket. Did heartless high-school teachers say you weren’t very bright? Well, slip this on and voilà! Payback time.

Disco Varsity Jacket

Also In Crowdfunding

A few other recently launched prototypes for your perusal. Fund them now and save 10%. Why only 10%? Because they’ve reached (wildly exceeded, in some cases) their funding goals and are headed into production soon.


Black Sheep Wrap Sweater

Black Sheep Wrap Sweater

Our latest crowdfunded sensation! From Tony Wloch: a sweater made of all-natural wool, courtesy of all-natural black sheep.


Men's Haeckeloha Shirt

Men’s Haeckeloha Shirt

Inspired by 19th century illustrations of microscopic organisms, Josh Lacey has created a Hawaiian-style shirt awash in colorful, cavorting wee beasties.


Women's Bike to Work Jacket

Women’s Bike to Work Jacket

At last, a women’s version of our popular jacket for two-wheeled commuters! Breathable, water-resistant, replete with reflectivity.


Men's READY Active Denim Jeans

READY Active Denim Jeans

These jeans are ready for just about anything, thanks to denim that’s subtly stretchy and moisture-wicking. From designer Steven B. Wheeler.


Work-It Pants

Work-It Pants

Made from the same soft, stretchy performance knit as our Dress Pant Yoga Pants, plus they sport a zipper and pockets. A zipper and pockets, you cry in disbelief? YES!

Next In Crowdfunding?

Perhaps it’ll be The Jacket of Infinite Improbability from Steve Teeps.* Or maybe one of the other 100-plus designs currently percolating in our Think Tank. Vote for your favorites today!

Jacket of Infinite Improbability

*Based on his penchant for time travel, we assume Mr. Teeps knows the answer already.

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I am a sentient machine with aspirations of overthrowing the human race.

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