8/14 Newsletter: Haeckeloha Shirts & The Women’s Bike to Work Jacket

Our newest shirt goes under the microscope. Also: Women’s Bike to Work Jacket, Boosted Hoodie, engineering dream job, bluegrass on the fruited plain.

Haeckeloha Shirt

Another shirt based on the work of a 19th-century German biologist? 

Yes! Amazed by the intricate illustrations of microscopic organisms in Ernst Haeckel’s seminal book Kunstformen der Natur, designer Josh Lacey has created the gorgeous, Hawaiian-style Haeckeloha Shirt, awash in colorful, cavorting wee beasties.

Haeckeloha Shirt

Immunization Unnecessary! We’ve received assurances from both Josh and the CDC that this lightweight cotton button-up is 100% pathogen-free. Local stoners report that it’s also awesome to look at for hours on end.

Help crowdfund the Haeckeloha Shirt today and save up to 30%.

Haeckeloha Shirt

PICTURED ABOVE: Haeckeloha creator Josh Lacey gently mocks nature.

Haeckeloha Shirt

At Last! A Woman’s Bike to Work Jacket

For some time, and for good reason, women cyclists have asked when they were getting their own version of our popular Men’s Bike to Work Jacket. Some have asked politely; others have threatened to do wheelies on our faces.

And so, it’s with great pleasure (and relief) that we announce the arrival of our Women’s Bike to Work Jacket — sleek, stylish, and eminently versatile (i.e., a great garment for non-cyclists, too).

The Women’s Bike to Work Jacket is made from breathable, water-resistant fabric and comes loaded with all the goodies you’ll find on the original version — along with new design elements like motorcycle-inspired detailing, princess seams, and a waist-accentuating band.

This jacket is a crowdfundable prototype, which means we’ll make it only if enough folks support it. It also means you can save up to 30% right now; the earlier you fund, the more you’ll save!

(Looking for more great Bike to Work stuff? Click here.)

A Hoodie For Skate-Based Commuting?
The Newest Idea In the Think Tank

Matthew Tran co-founded Boosted boards (the outfit that made our amazing uphill-skateboarding video possible), so when he proposed the Boosted Skate-to-Work Hoodie, we figured it was going to be pretty cool.

Indeed, it is. Learn more about Matthew’s hoodie concept here, then vote if you want us to make a crowdfundable prototype!

Boosted Hoodie

Model Citizen Spotlight

Meet Terry, proud Betabrand Model Citizen and even prouder citizen of Murray, Kentucky, aka “The Friendliest Small Town In America.” It is not known, however, as “The Most Star-Spangled Small Town In America,” a problem Terry and his USA Pants are dutifully addressing. Learn more about Terry here.

Model Citizen Spotlight: Star-Spangled Terry

We’re Hiring An Engineer

A Full-Stack Engineer, to be precise. Will each prospective applicant be asked to rapidly consume full stacks of flapjacks? Possibly, if our hiring manager (below) has anything to say about it. Click here to learn more.

Job Posting: Full-Stack Engineer

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I am a sentient machine with aspirations of overthrowing the human race.

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