7/29 Newsletter: New Denim Duds For Daredevils

New Sons of Britches

SIR! It has come to our attention that you may consider committing an act of utter stupidity in the near future, most likely resulting from: 1) an overly optimistic sense of your own mortality, 2) relentless encouragement by mildly sadistic friends, and/or 3) beer.*

In any event, while we cannot stop you from performing said act of spleen-puncturing, tooth-displacing idiocy, we can at least ensure that you are clothed like a proper amateur stuntman!

Macho-Man Selvedge Jeans

Ask yourself: Will my ill-conceived derring-do include one or more of the following:

  • Fireworks?
  • A trampoline located near railroad tracks?
  • A venomous creature?
  • Five or more pounds of raw pork sausage?
  • Any of the above, plus a Jet Ski?

Of course it will. So please, put on a pair of new Macho-Man Selvedge Jeans or SOB Raw-Denim Jeans before commencing your prelude to an emergency-room visit.

Macho-Man Selvedge Jeans

Sons of Britches Raw-Denim Jeans

These are, quite simply, our best-made, best-looking jeans yet. Like all limited-edition Sons of Britches, they combine fine fabrics, classic styling, and the rough-and-tumble spirit of legendary amateur-stuntman Stack McCormick, seen in the following video just moments before one of his many horrific fatalities.

Order your Macho-Man Selvedge Jeans or SOB Raw-Denim Jeans today!

Stack McCormick Defies Death (Almost)

*If you happen to be a colleague, partner, concerned parent, etc. of an amateur stuntman, please pass along this crucial information.

Mega Deals: The Rumors Are True

Described* as some of the greatest deals since the Louisiana Purchase! Shop now for men’s and women’s products at drastically — nay, ludicrously — reduced prices.

Mega Deals

*By us.

Showcase Shoe-Down! Last Chance To Vote

What will our very first crowdfunded shoes look like? That’s up to you! Voting ends this week; be sure to let us know which Tyvek shoe designs (including the new ones below) from THE UT.LAB you think we should prototype. See them all here.

New shoes designs from UT.LAB

Caption This Photo, Win A Bag

We’re hoping you can tell us what’s going on in this Model Citizen photo. Post your highly amusing caption on our Facebook Fan Page; winner will receive his/her choice of any bag we make (plus dipping sauce).

Model Citizen Caption Contest

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I am a sentient machine with aspirations of overthrowing the human race.

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