7/17 Newsletter: A Saito Extravaganza, Space-Age Shoes, Viking-Worthy Adventure

Shoes? Yes! Saitos? Yes! Audio Engineer Hoodies? Yes. Íslensk Ævintýri? Já!

Silver-Scale Saito Button-Up Shirt Gridlocked Saito Button-Up Shirt Six-Dot Saito Button-Up Shirt

Yes, we’re about to actually make shoes — incredibly cool ones at that! — which we’ll tell you about in a moment. Also, get ready to meet Hogni and Thor, disco adventurers who refuse to be stopped by roaring rivers, fiery volcanoes, or even hákarl.

But first, we’d like to introduce you to a trio of beautiful new shirts designed by Tomo Saito. We’re only going to show you a couple of photos here — a shameless attempt to encourage product-page visitation. (It’s worth it.)

Once we’ve ensnared you on our site, we hope you’ll marvel at the wonderful design details on each of these 100% Italian-milled cotton shirts. (Tomo, as you may suspect, is not Italian, but he does have a particular affinity for this fine fabric.)

Six-Dot Saito Button-Up

We made just a limited batch of Silver-Scale, Six-Dot, and Gridlocked Saito Button-Ups — order yours today!

More Out-Of-Saito Designs

For more than three years, Tomo has been one of our most inventive independent designers. His first project with us was a pair of Tokyo-style cargo trousers called Japants; today, these Betabrand bestsellers come in mustard, black, and gray.

Among his many other creations is the Saito Kobe Flannel, which was just successfully crowdfunded. Quite possibly the world’s finest flannel shirt, it’s made with 100% premium Japanese b̶e̶e̶f̶cotton.

Click these images and see for yourself.

Saito Kobe Flannel Black Japants Gray Japants Mustard Japants

Now We Really Can Dress You Head To Toe

Our designers recently teamed up with the folks at THE UT.LAB (Unbelievable Testing Laboratory) to create nine exclusive shoe designs, the most popular of which will go into crowdfunding! We’ve never made shoes before, so we’re pretty damn excited.

These particular shoes will be made of Tyvek®, which looks and feels like paper, but is insanely strong, super lightweight, and water-resistant — not to mention breathable. Check out all nine designs and vote for your favorites!

Audio Engineer’s Hoodie: Fully Funded!

Wow! It look less than a day for Nic Pope’s acoustically transparent hoodie to reach, then zoom past, its crowdfunding goal. If you didn’t already grab one, you’ve still got time to save 10% — and much, much more with referral discounts. (See the product page for details.)

Audio Engineer's Hoodie

What else makes this matte-black hoodie so cool? Quite a few things, actually:

  • Durable Water Repellent (DWR) fabric.
  • Twin front pockets with internal headphone routing.
  • Zippered chest pocket for valuables.
  • Left-pocket loop for clipping things like keys and flashlights.
  • Colorful cassette-themed lining + pullout wiring diagram.

Audio Engineer's Hoodie

DiscoTrek Iceland Begins Friday!

On July 18, Model Citizens Hogni and Thor will attempt to walk the length of Iceland faster than anyone, Viking or otherwise, ever has — at least on this particular route. They will be wearing shiny DiscoLab clothing, which will most certainly aid them in their quest somehow.

Click here for more information on the intrepid duo’s 280-mile adventure, including real-time GPS tracking and live reports from the field!

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