7/10 Newsletter: Cordarounds 10th Anniversary


To celebrate this seminal moment in the history of clothing, we’ve created a trio of horizontal-corduroy trousers (plus an equally horizontal skirt) honoring some of our earliest and most fervent fans.

Are each of these Cordarounds just as quiet, aerodynamic, and crotch-cooling as their 100+ predecessors? YES!

Should you care to learn more about how Cordarounds came to be, founder Chris Lindland has recounted the rise of these paradigm-shifting pants on our blog. Click here to read about zeppelins, Antarctic exploration, fashion klaxons, and more.

The history of Cordarounds

Now, about those pants …


Scott Faber purchased so many pairs of Cordarounds, he eventually decided it was more cost-effective to simply become our first investor. When asked to choose a color for his commemorative pants, he went with International Orange — the color of his favorite bridge.



These obsidian trousers are named after Duncan Faherty, who has purchased more Cordarounds than any gentleman on Earth, a point grudgingly conceded by Mr. Faber.


Thier Throwbacks

Matt Thier was so enchanted with our horizontal-corduroy trousers, he actually convinced Betabrand to hire him. Now, we’re reissuing his very first (and favorite) pair of Brown Cordarounds, complete with original liner and buttons.

Thier Throwback Cordaorunds

The Skirtaround

During Betabrand’s formative pre-history, we actually made a popular Cordarounds Skirt. Now, designer Delta Cockins is bringing it back, with an improved fit. (Note: Customers confirmed that the horizontal wales do not, in fact, make one’s posterior look bigger.)


Want To Get ‘Em For Free?

Here’s how to get our new crowdfundable Cordarounds on the house:

1. Fund them (or any other item that hasn’t been fully funded) now. You’ll save up to 30% automatically.

2. You’ll also receive a unique referral code. Share that code with friends, family, and people you just met on the street. Tell them that when they fund the item you funded, they’ll get the same discount you originally got. Got it?

3. We’ll knock an additional 10% off your purchase price for every friend who funds that item. Get 10 friends to fund it, and you’ll get 100% off — i.e., it’s FREE! (If the item doesn’t reach its funding goal, then you and your friends don’t pay a cent.)

More Crowdfundable Prototypes To Peruse

Whether these become actual Betabrand products is up to you! The earlier you fund, the more you’ll save.


Indigo-Fade Cordarounds

Indigo-Fade Cordarounds

Yes, even more Cordarounds! Will Young’s horizontal-corduroy trousers are designed to gently fade over time, just like denim jeans.


Bomani Reversible Smoking Jacket

Bomani Smoking Jacket

Our friend Bomani (pictured) demanded it, so we made it. Exquisite brown moleskin on one side, black satiny brocade on the other.


Disco Reversible Smoking Jacket

Disco Smoking Jacket

Black moleskin on one side, eyeball-blasting disconium on the other. WARNING: This garment is not for the attention-averse.

New Think Tank Ideas

Introducing the Reversible Photo Belt and the Rain Shacket, two of the newest  design ideas you’ll find percolating in the Think Tank. If enough folks like ’em, we’ll whip up a couple of crowdfundable prototypes. Vote now!

Reversible Photo Belt

Rain Shacket

Karaoke Meets Air Guitar Tomorrow

Join us at Betabrand HQ for our first-ever Aireoke Party, featuring prizes, refreshments, and thrills galore — not to mention the mighty Björn Türoque, “Master of Airemonies” at The US Air Guitar Championships.

Admission is free, but we please ask that you RSVP.

Aireoke Night @ Betabrand, July 11

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