7/2 Newsletter: Uphill-Skateboarding, Disco Boardshorting, & Beards

Today’s newsletter includes: 1) your average drone-filmed, gravity-defying skate video, 2) new Disco Board Shorts, 3) groundbreaking beard research, 4) what leggings look like from space.

Uphill-Skateboard Video

What better way to celebrate Independence Day than by dressing gentlemen in USA Pants and asking them to skateboard up the biggest hill in the city? (OK, there are a few better ways, but please humor us.)

Important note: Star-spangled trousers aren’t just for four-wheeled feats of derring-do; our customers seem to think they’re quite appropriate for just about any occasion, July 4th-related or otherwise. Lucky for you, they’re on sale now — along with more than 40 other fantastic items.

Disco Board Shorts

So who really cares if shiny clothing can drive sea lions and giant squid insane with bloodlust? We suggest throwing caution to the wind and ordering a pair of designer Matt Wheaton’s Disco Board Shorts, the latest Think Tank prototype to transform into a full-fledged product.

Order now, and they’ll ship next week. (Looking for other clothing that’s equally shiny? Check out the 30+ items in our DiscoLab Collection.)

Disco Board Shorts

Disco Board Shorts

Speaking of Disco … want to star in our next action-packed video? We’re now accepting submissions for the Disco H2O movie; as that title subtly implies, we want footage of you doing water-related things while wearing your shiny Disco duds. For inspiration, check out last year’s fan-made Disco Snow movie; just pretend that all that snow is melted.

Send your Disco H2O footage (and questions) to Robbie.

Coming Soon: The Disco H2O Movie

Now In Crowdfunding

Our Think Tank is overflowing with prototypes that you can help turn into actual Betabrand products. Some have already zoomed past their funding goals and are headed into production shortly; others could use a little help. Fund your favorites now and save 10-30%.

Here’s just a sample of what you’ll find:


Saito Kobe Flannel Shirt

Saito Kobe Flannel

From designer Tomo Saito: quite possibly the finest flannel shirt on Earth. Made from premium Japanese b̶e̶e̶f̶cotton. SAVE 20%


Monster Dress

Monster Dress

No monster in your closet? Thank goodness cartoonist Anoush Froundjian has lovingly reproduced her deepest, darkest nightmares on a dress. SAVE 20%


Indigo-Fade Jacket

Indigo-Fade Jacket

Made from our famous horizontal corduroy, this jean-style jacket is designed to gently fade over time, just like real denim. SAVE 25%


Indigo-Fade Cordarounds

Indigo-Fade Cordarounds

Everything we just said about the Indigo-Fade Jacket, except … pants! SAVE 20%


Unicorn Shirts for Men and Women

Unicorn Shirts

What looks like houndstooth is actually a herd of tiny, enchanted equine heads! Choose from the Women’s Tank Top or the Men’s Short-Sleeve. SAVE 10%

Satellite Leggings: New In The Think Tank

Check out the latest design idea from our very own Julia Marino. Vote now if you want us to whip up a prototype pair of her Satellite Leggings. Got a particular region you’d like rendered in satellite-style splendor? Tell us in the comment section — to get there, just scroll down the product page a bit.

Satellite Leggings

Hirsute Does Compute

Facial-hair fans take note: For our latest study, we created six Internet ads that were identical except for one thing: beard length. Find out what we learned here. (After you read the story, this graphic will make considerably more sense.)

Beard Study

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