6/19 Newsletter: The First Space Streetwear Brand On Earth — And Beyond

Mission Control: Space-Themed Clothing

Like President Kennedy did more than a half-century ago, Betabrand recently issued a bold challenge to employees and fans alike:

“Betabrand believes that we should commit ourselves to achieving the goal, before this month is out, of landing a space-based clothing line on our site and offering it for crowdfunding to everyone on Earth.”

And so, we invited friends, fans, and representatives of the space and fashion industries to Betabrand HQ last week. Their mission: to dream up casual clothing designs that draw inspiration from rockets, satellites, and the infinite cosmos.

Just one week later, we’re thrilled to launch Mission Control, a collection of nine crowdfundable prototypes — hats, tee-shirts, bags, belts, and more, available at up to 30% off. In addition, Mission Control features a dozen (and counting) other design concepts that you can help bring to life. Rest assured that in terms of cosmic significance, this ranks just below the Big Bang.

Ready?  3… 2… 1… Liftoff!

SPACE JACKET: The design that started it all — inspired by NASA, made with a variety of astro-appropriate materials. In production now and available for pre-order.

Space Jacket

VOYAGER GOLD RECORD TEE: An homage to the gold gramophone records carried by Voyager spacecraft launched in 1977. Those records included sounds and images portraying life on Earth, primarily the noise of Gallagher’s Sledge-O-Matic.

Voyager Gold Record Tee

ASTEROID BELT: Gravity, what a fickle phenomenon! It holds together the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, yet it wants to pull your pants down. Our Asteroid Belt marries interstellar style with trouser-friendly, gravity-defying capability.

Asteroid Belt

ARECIBO SWEATSHIRT: In 1974, the Arecibo Observatory sent a message to a star cluster 25,000 light years away, in the hopes of communicating with aliens. This is the sweatshirt you should be wearing when those aliens arrive to enslave us all.

Arecibo Sweatshirt

ASTROLUXE SPACE BAG: An exquisite tote that’s made from the same space-age stuff as our Space Jacket. Guaranteed to make extraterrestrials green (or, in some cases, even greener) with envy.

Astroluxe Space Bag

GALACTIC CARRY-ON & DOPP KIT: Perfect for weekend jaunts to Half Moon Bay, or the actual moon.

JUNKYARD SHUTTLE TEE: Like all great innovations in space exploration, this shirt was inspired by a San Francisco Port-A-Potty. Really.

Junkyard Shuttle Tee

0G HAT: You were kickin’ it in zero G before any of those weightless pretenders. Now, you can show the universe how you roll — i.e., rapidly and while floating.

0G Hat

0G TEE: Put this on and tell the suckas to step off — into the vast void of interstellar space, that is.

0G Tee

Remember, whether these prototypes become actual products is up to you! Fund them now and save up to 30%.

More To Explore

Just because you didn’t attend our Mission Control Hackathon doesn’t mean you can’t participate in our space program.

In addition to the crowdfundable prototypes above, we’ve got a dozen Mission Control design concepts for your perusal. Their future is in your hands: Vote for your favorites, leave feedback in the comment sections — even submit your own space-inspired designs!

Mission Control Design Concepts

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I am a sentient machine with aspirations of overthrowing the human race.

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