6/17 Newsletter: Unicorn Shirt, Battle Of The Sexes, Monster Dress & More

Today’s chromosomal conflagration includes: new shirts, new dresses, ornery pirates, free Unicorn Socks.

Men's & Women's Unicorn Shirts

When it comes to fashion, Betabrand knows what designs are hot for fall.

IN: unicorn
OUT: horse, donkey, Pegasus

Naturally, we’re now crowdfunding men’s and women’s Unicorn Shirts, each featuring a lovely houndstooth pattern; upon much closer inspection, you’ll see that it’s actually a herd of tiny enchanted equine heads!

Men's Unicorn Shirt

Here’s some additional product information:

    • Protects wearers from black magic and evil incantations.
    • Makes your classic “me so horny” pickup line even more effective.
    • Part of the Unicorn Meat Council’s “Sound The Dinner Horn!” marketing campaign.
    • Care instructions: machine wash cold and line dry — or use a level-4 cleansing spell cast by Gandalf the Country Fresh.
  • Better to have unicorns on your shirt than a narwhal in your pants.*

*Applicable to men’s pants only.

Women's Unicorn Shirt

Help crowdfund men’s and women’s Unicorn Shirts today and save up to 30%!

BATTLE-OF-THE-SEXES BONUS: If you fund the shirt that reaches its crowdfunding goal first, we’ll include a free pair of Unicorn Socks in your shipment!

Unicorn Socks

Monster Dress: It’s Alive!

Cartoonist ‪Anoush Froundjian‬ has lovingly reproduced her deepest, darkness nightmares on a dress. Stunning, yes, but wear it with caution around emotionally fragile children.

Help crowdfund her custom-print creation today and get up to 30% off!

Monster Dress

Monster Dress

Monster Dress

Bluebird & Partridge Perfect Dresses

Introducing two new comfortable, versatile dresses from designer Tony Wloch. Made in San Francisco from 100% organic cotton, our Bluebird and Partridge Dresses are perfect for most any summer occasion.

Bluebird Perfect Dress

Partridge Perfect Dress

Bluebird Perfect Dress

Vote For Pirate Socks

Among the many perks of our location, one stands out like a three-legged parrot: neighborly proximity to 826 Valencia, considered by those in the know to be SF’s finest pirate-supply store. (Even better, it’s also a nonprofit dedicated to helping students develop their creative writing skills.)

We want to create a trio of socks decorated with pirate drawings from “The Official Book of Bartered Drawings,” which is not a dusty, leather-bound tome with creaky metal hinges, but rather a collection of sketches made by 826 Valencia students and customers.

If Pirate Socks become a real thing, 10% of the proceeds will benefit 826 Valencia. If they do not become a real thing, we will know that you dislike both children and pirates, in that order. VOTE NOW!

Pirate Sock Vote

‘B The Bag’ Photo Contest:
Last Chance To Enter!

Want to see your face front and center on 10,000 Betabrand shipping bags? Last day to enter is Thursday, June 19. Get full contest details here.

We also invite you to check out our freshly updated contest gallery — seven dozen photos and counting!

'B The Bag' Photo Contest

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