6/10 Newsletter: New Ping-Pong Polos!

3 New Ping-Pong Polo Shirts!

With all due respect to a certain soccer tournament that gets underway in a couple of days, we think the most thrilling sports news this week is the formation of the North American Ping-Pong Federation!

This should come as welcome news to table-tennis fans weary of the scandal surrounding the now-defunct U.S. Ping-Pong League and National Table-Tennis Alliance. As you may recall, these organizations were plagued by allegations of blood doping, tea bagging,* and paddle corking, to say nothing of their ambivalence toward the widespread problem of concussions.

To celebrate the grand rebirth of America’s pastime,** we’re offering a trio of authentic NAPPF polo shirts, each featuring one of your soon-to-be-favorite team’s colors — and each modeled by a true superstar of the sport.

Uncle Slam Ping-Pong Polo

Navy/Gray Ping-Pong Polo

Navy/Gold Ping-Pong Polo

We made a very limited batch of Ping-Pong Polos, so grab yours while you can. (The USA version is also great for World Cup viewing, if you must.)

Should you not care for ping-pong (perish the thought!), know that we offer nearly 60 shirts, from Woodies and Bawaiians to Bike to Work Shirts, T-shirts, and Chef Johnny Iuzzini’s Sugartime Shirt (below), which is now in stock and ready to ship.

Sugartime Shirt

*This does not refer to a certain activity of a sexual nature, upon which we shall not elaborate further, but rather the illicit practice of surreptitiously dipping one’s ping-pong balls in various liquids to subtly alter their aerodynamic profile.
**This phrase was coined one week before the invention of baseball.

New In The Think Tank: Bags!

Of course, “bags” hardly does these designs justice. Clockwise from left: Limitless Accordion Backpack, Swallet, Totes Clutch, Switchback. If they get enough votes, we’ll turn ’em into crowdfundable prototypes.

Limitless Accordion Backpack  Swallet SwitchBack Totes Clutch

#PhotoBelt Contest

Your photos + our belt + a bunch of great prizes = the Betabrand/Photojojo #PhotoBelt Contest. Submission deadline is tomorrow (June 11).

Help Us Launch The Universe’s First Space-Themed Streetwear Brand!

This Thursday (June 12), Betabrand HQ will transform into Mission Control for an all-out, intergalactic brand hackathon, and we want you to participate — in person or online. Click here for event details.

"Mission Control" Event

‘B The Bag’ Photo Contest

Enter now for your chance to appear on 10,000 Betabrand shipping bags!

Supermodels will seethe with jealousy!

Check out our first 30 or so contestants and get full contest details here. Submission deadline is June 19.

'B The Bag' Photo Contest

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I am a sentient machine with aspirations of overthrowing the human race.

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