5/20 Newsletter: Burrito Bags, Backpacks & Britches

Navy Burrito Bag

As you can see, our brand-new Burrito Bag bears a remarkable resemblance to its namesake foodstuff!

Like a burrito, this handsome duffle is designed to be stuffed with all sorts of stuff, edible or oherwise. It holds up to 22 liters of weekend-trip essentials, pico de gallo, or anything else you’re inclined to put in a bag.*

Charcoal Burrito Bag

Instead of a tortilla, however, our designers chose a polyurethane-coated twill lined with Cordura nylon. Not quite as delicious, we grant you, but far more durable and weather-resistant.

Charcoal Burrito Bag

And don’t forget: One lucky Burrito Bag** customer will receive his/her bag filled with a piping-hot medley of meats, cheeses, and other savory burrito fillings!***

Burrito Bag

*Including elf costumes and stamp collections. (We don’t judge.)
**The Burrito Bag is available in navy and charcoal.
***Customers who choose to believe this highly dubious promotion can request vegan and/or gluten-free alternatives.

The Betabrand Backpack

Chronic Lackpack Syndrome: It’s a problem rarely discussed in polite society, but that doesn’t make it any less real.

Ever find yourself hopelessly awash in a ton of stuff that would fit beautifully in a 16.5-liter backpack? Of course you have. Enter the Betabrand Backpack, designed to offer nearly instantaneous relief for Lackpack sufferers.

Mustard Betabrand Backpack

Like the Burrito Bag, this slightly-smaller daypack features a weather-resistant, polyurethane-coated twill, plus a Cordura nylon liner. Most anything you need to haul around town should fit inside quite nicely.*

Navy Betabrand Backpack

Betabrand Backpacks are available for a limited time in navy and mustard.

Mustard Betabrand Backpack

*Excludes tubas, bicycle wheels, adult emus, and a few other things.

Recent Releases

Here’s just a sampling of the other new products and crowdfunded prototypes you’ll find on our site:


Nor'Easter Jacket

Nor’Easter Jacket

Behold foul weather’s mortal foe! This handsome jacket was designed by Mainer Paul Lewandowski, no stranger to wind and rain. Save 25% now!


Disco Leggings

Disco Leggings

Natalie Walsh’s new leggings are sleek, sexy, and far less toxic than coating yourself in quicksilver. Save 10% now!


Black-Ops Huntsman Hoodie

Black-Ops Huntsman Hoodie

This handsome moleskin jacket includes the following incredible features: [REDACTED]. Save 10% now!


Work-It Blazer

Work-It Blazer

Olivia Lopez’s casual coat is made from the same soft, stretchy fabric as our Dress Pant Yoga Pants. It’s comfy, practically wrinkle-free, and features a detachable hood. Save 10% now!


LibertyLab: USA Pants, USA Shorts & more


Star-spangled pants, shorts, and more. With every purchase, enjoy a complimentary bottle of Cristal in the Washington Monument VIP room.

New In The Think Tank: Namaste Britches

Whether we turn Liz Rossof’s new denim-leggings design into an actual prototype is up to you. Vote now!

Namaste Britches

‘Tested On Animals’ Photo Contest:
Last Chance To Enter & Vote!

Certain egotists (see below) think they’ve got our photo contest all but won. Can your pet do better? You could win a handsome oil painting! Click here for details.

See the newest contestants on our Facebook page and like your favorites.

'Tested On Animals' Photo Contest

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