5/15 Newsletter: The Nor’Easter Jacket & Miss Print Leggings

The Nor'Easter Jacket

If you live in New England, certainly you’ve heard of Paul Lewandowski, better known as “The Paul Bunyan of Coastal Maine” — a behemoth of a man, with a great, hoary beard crusted in sea salt and an ever-faithful, 40-foot-tall Dalmatian at his side. His legend grows by the day:

  • Taller than the tallest lighthouse!
  • Swims to Nova Scotia every morning!
  • Can eat 1,000 lobster rolls in a sitting!
  • Saved Kennebunkport from the dreaded 100-foot Halibut!
  • Designed the Nor’Easter Jacket!

If you have any other Lewandowski tales to tell, post them here. Meanwhile, about that most recent feat: Paul’s extraordinary new jacket (seen below on a normal-sized man) is as handsome as it is rugged. Truly a mortal foe of foul weather.

The Nor'Easter Jacket

Paul wanted to create a jacket tough enough to withstand the wettest, windiest, all-around crummiest conditions, but he also aimed to improve on the aesthetics of the traditional yellow raincoat, which makes you look “like you just walked off a box of frozen fish sticks.” (Apologies to the Gorton’s Fisherman.)

The Nor'Easter Jacket

Here’s what he came up with:

  • Made from water-resistant waxed cotton.
  • Cinch-able brimmed hood, lined with urethane-coated nylon taffeta.
  • Double-slider antique brass zipper, opens from the top or bottom.
  • Snap-fastened storm flap for zipper coverage.
  • Hand pockets with snap-fastened flaps and welts that fold over to self-seal.
  • Yellow contrast stripes inspired by lobster buoys.

Help the Nor’Easter reach its crowdfunding goal and save up to 30%. If you’re not yet convinced that this a good idea, perhaps Paul can sway you in this brief video.

Nor'Easter Jacket Video

This Is N̶o̶t̶ A Miss Print

Our own Lana Hogue has taken the design concept from her Miss Print Skirt and created a riotously colorful pair of leggings. What will your Miss Print Leggings look like, exactly? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see.

Miss Print Leggings

That’s because each pair is unique — a combination of spare fabric, mistint paint, and a plethora of bold and often-overlapping screen prints. Our local screen printer is absolutely delighted to ignore strict color and placement restrictions once in a while, so let’s not disappoint him.

Miss Print Leggings

You can save up to 30% when you help Lana’s Miss Print Leggings reach their funding goal. (Prefer something shinier? Check out crowdfundable Disco Leggings.)

Miss Print Leggings

Recent Releases

Here are just a few of the other new products and crowdfunded prototypes you’ll find on our site:


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New In The Think Tank:
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Photo Contest Update

Our customers appear to have very understanding pets. See the newest “Tested On Animals” contestants on our Facebook page and like your favorites.

Want to enter the contest? You could win a handsome oil painting! Click here for details.

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Bay To Breakers Alert:
10% In-Store Disco Discount

If you’re one of the literally dozens of people who will not be running Bay to Breakers in the nude this Sunday, swing by our store to get 10% off supremely shiny Sport Shorts, Track Shorts, Tank Tops, or any other in-stock DiscoLab products.


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