5/13 Newsletter: LibertyLab is Back!

The LibertyLab Collection

What’s more American than star-spangled pants? Slathering yourself with hot apple pie and denouncing your neighbors as Communist sympathizers, perhaps. But since not everyone has that kind of time, we created the LibertyLab Collection.

Along with those pants, we’re also offering shorts, blazers, and bow ties — scroll down to see ’em all. Rest assured that no other clothing line entitles purchasers to more patriotic perks!

The ability to make up to three Constitutional amendments annually.
A complimentary bottle of Cristal in the Washington Monument VIP room.
A chance to perform a national-anthem duet at the Superbowl with American Gladiator Turbo.
The honor of challenging Vladamir Putin to a “Best Chest in the West” competition.
A glimpse at Colonel Sanders’ secret bald-eagle marinade.

USA Pants

Men's USA Shorts

Women's USA Shorts

All-American Supersucker Blazer

USA Bow Tie

Each of these fine garments is made in America — in San Francisco, the most American place on Earth! — and available for a limited time only.

Recent Releases

Here’s a wee sampling of our many other new products and crowdfunded prototypes:


Black-Ops Huntsman Hoodie

Black-Ops Huntsman Hoodie

This handsome moleskin jacket includes the following incredible features: [REDACTED]. Save 10% now!


Gay Jeans

Gay Jeans

They’re OK staying in the closet, so long as it’s yours. Available in Slim Fit (pictured) and Stretch Skinny. Save 10% now!


West Coast Correspondent Jacket

West Coast Correspondent

Designed in San Francisco, works wonderfully in Des Moines and other non-Pacific locales. Save 10% now!


Men's & Women's Bike to Work

Bike To Work

We used this thread with its otherworldly reflectiveness to make new plaid shirts for men and women. See them all here, along with the rest of our commuter collection.


Disco Leggings

Disco Leggings

Natalie Walsh’s new leggings are sleek, sexy, and far less toxic than coating yourself in quicksilver. Save 10% now!


Espresso Socks

Espresso Socks (3-Pack)

Even barefoot baristas will appreciate this fine footwear, designed by our hyper-caffeinated friends at Espresso Parts. Save 10% now!


World's Comfiest Gym Shorts

World’s Comfiest Gym Shorts

Deep, slobbery sleep is difficult to avoid when you wear these soft, ridiculously comfortable shorts. Available in Gray and Navy Chevron (pictured).

Our Van Gets A Military Makeover

Meet Model Citizens Scott Snyder and Eric Minnix, two U.S. Air Force Joint terminal attack controllers (JTAC) stationed in Afghanistan. As you can see, they’re also temporarily deployed to our delivery van. San Franciscans can rest easy knowing that Scott and Eric will be patrolling our fair city for a while.

Oh yes, and why are these gentlemen on our van? Because they won a recent Model Citizen photo contest. If you’d like to win a similarly fantastic prize, check out our “Tested On Animals” photo contest, which runs through May 22. To see the contestants so far, click here.

Our new van art

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    When will you be making more USA pants

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