4/29 Newsletter: Five new Crowdfundable Prototypes in the Think Tank


Today: West Coast Correspondent Jacket, Work-It Blazer, Don’t Look Back Leggings, Espresso Socks, and a MINI JAMBOX commuter case (not to mention some Badass Mothers).

Four New Designs In Crowdfunding!

It’s been a year since we officially cranked up the Betabrand Think Tank, and in that time we’re received hundreds of design submissions from around the world. Almost 300 have been featured on our site; many have become actual products! (If you’ve got a great idea of your own, we’d love to see it; click the Submit button on the Think Tank page to get started.)

Today, we’re showing off five new Think Tank ideas that made it to the prototype stage. Help them reach their crowdfunding goals and save up to 30%. (If they don’t get fully funded, we’ll stitch ’em all together and make a big, poorly functioning parachute or something.)

1. WEST COAST CORRESPONDENT JACKET: A fine Japanese-cotton jacket loaded with pockets for notebooks, smartphones, chimichangas, and other journalistic essentials.

West Coast Correspondent Jacket

2. WORK-IT BLAZER: Olivia Lopez’s casual coat is made from the same soft, stretchy fabric as our Dress Pant Yoga Pants. It’s super comfy, practically wrinkle-free, and features a detachable hood (makes a great bowling-ball bindle).

Work-It Blazer

3. DON’T LOOK BACK LEGGINGS: The fantastic colors in our new leggings come courtesy of agussgut (not her birth name), winner of the recent COLOURlovers/Betabrand “Choose The Hues” contest.

COLOURlovers Don't Look Back Leggings

4. ESPRESSO SOCKS (3-PACK): With apologies to barefoot baristas, the folks at Espresso Parts have designed this lovely trio of java-inspired socks. Can also be used as pour-over filters (taste and aroma grow bolder the longer you wear them).

Espresso Socks

5. BIKE TO WORK PULSAR CASE (FOR THE JAWBONE MINI JAMBOX): Steven B. Wheeler has designed a MINI JAMBOX case especially for bike commuters. Features acoustically transparent materials, easy button access, adjustable straps, and intensely reflective graphics, thanks to millions of tiny glass nanospheres embedded in the surface.

Will it also fit your favorite candy bar? Probably, but we wouldn’t recommend it.

Bike to Work Pulsar Case for the MINI JAMBOX

More Breakthroughs

Check out all the other prototypes currently in crowdfunding: Corporate Raider Hooded Blazer, Corporate Ladder Climbing Pants, Gay Jeans, Disco Hammock, Elope Dress, Work-It Skirt, Day/Night Top, and Chakra Top.

Some are already fully funded; others still need a little help. No matter which project you support, you’ll get at least 10% off.

Even More Great Prototypes!

Think Tank Spotlight: The Badass Collection

Is Think Tank newcomer Liz Girolami a badass mother? The last time this question was flippantly posed, someone lost a great many teeth.

With her bona fides firmly established, we now suggest you check out Liz’s trio of design submissions, along with her far more thoughtful explanation of the “badass mother” concept.

Whether we turn her Badass-Mother Biker Jacket, Badass-Mother Leggings, and Badass Mother Clutcher into actual prototypes is up to you. Vote now!

Badass-Mother Biker Jacket

Badass-Mother Leggings

Badass Mother Clutcher

Behold, A Billboard

While our marketing department usually prefers the charming milieu of the Internet, we did promise to put the winner of our most recent Model Citizen photo contest up on a big billboard. Thus, we proudly present the very Disco-clad Goose Tomljenovich, fiery lord protector of 15th and South Van Ness.

Our New Billboard

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