4/24 Newsletter: New Woodies Hoodies, Short-Sleeves & Raglans

Six New Woodies!

Today, we’re excited to unveil six wonderful new Woodies: tan and blue Woodie Hoodies, Topanga and Point Reyes short-sleeve shirts, and Mt. Tam and Mt. Diablo long-sleeve raglan shirts.

In keeping with the Woodies theme, we photographed ’em all in woodworking studios around San Francisco, and we think that turned out pretty darn well. Check out the product photo galleries and see for yourself. (Product pages also include info on fit, materials, and that sort of stuff.)

OH YES, there’s also that special, limited-time deal: When you order two or more Woodies in the next 24 hours, you’ll automatically save 20%. That includes any of the 30 shirts, pants, hoodies, blazers, and more in the Woodies Collection.

Four New Swim Trunks

New! Blue Woodie Hoodie

New! Mt. Tam Raglan Shirt

New! Mt. Diablo Raglan Shirt

New! Topanga Short-Sleeve Button-Up

New! Point Reyes Short Sleeve Button-Up

Remember: This delight of a deal is good for 24 hours only!

Additional Breakthroughs

Here are just some of the other great products and crowdfunded prototypes we’ve introduced recently:


Four New Swim Trunks

Swim Trunks

Subjected to the most rigorous aquatic testing, these new trunks passed with flying colors. Available in four styles: Cannonball, Belly-Flop, Jackknife, and Corkscrewed.


Blue Flandos


Incredibly soft and comfy flannel shorts, inspired by the chill of the San Francisco summer. Choose from Original Flandos and significantly bluer Blue Flandos.


Gay Jeans

Gay Jeans

Denims that can’t help showing their true colors — literally! Through normal washing and wearing, their indigo dye gradually fades away, revealing a rainbow of fabulously colorful yarn. In Slim Fit and Stretch Skinny.


Corporate Ladder Climbing Pants

Corporate Ladder Climbers

Problem: Your boss insists on holding important meetings on the summit of Aconcagua. Solution: Seth Gourson’s Corporate Ladder Climbing Pants!


Corporate Raider Hooded Blazer

Corporate Raider Blazer

From hostile takeovers to casual mergers and acquisitions, you’ll feel right at home in Jonathon McMahon’s Corporate Raider Hooded Blazer. Also perfect for hiding unsightly head wounds.


Disco Hammock

Disco Hammock

Is this how people will laze away the afternoon in the year 3000? We think so. Incredibly, this fantastic disconium hammock from Robert Murdoch and ENO Hammocks is available now.


Bawaiian Hawaiian Shirts

Bawaiian Hawaiian Shirts

Shirts for gentlemanly shenanigans! They’re our take on the classic Hawaiian Shirt, and they’re available in five festive styles: Floral, Pecos, Shroom, Pin-Up Girl, and Whoopie-Pie.

New In The Think Tank: Cool-Crotch Golf Pants

Think Tank newcomer and longtime Swede Jari Koister is a drinker of beer, a floorball pioneer, and a former arctic soldier who designed a jacket made of elk. But above all, Jari is a golfer.

And being a golfer, it was only a matter of time before he focused his considerable powers on designing a pair of ultra-comfortable trousers for the links. Read all about Jari’s bold vision for the future here, then vote to help make Cool-Crotch Golf Pants a reality!

Cool-Crotch Golf Pants

Attention, San Franciscans:
Fashion Pitch Competition TONIGHT!

Join Betabrand and the SF Fashion Lab from 6-9 p.m. for our inaugural Fashion Pitch Competition. You’ll have the chance to sip, shop, and snack before watching up-and-coming designers pitch their product ideas to our panel. (Think a friendlier Shark Tank, with fewer billionaires.) Click here for more info and to RSVP for this free event at Betabrand HQ.

Fashion pitch competition this Thursday!

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