4/15 Newsletter: Gay Jeans – A Jeanetics Breakthrough!

In today’s newsletter: Slim-Fit and Stretch-Skinny Gay Jeans, new workwear, Google Glasswear, and a Night of Style at our store.

Slim-Fit Gay Jeans

Imagine our surprise when designer Steven B. Wheeler, who has no formal training as a geneticist, announced that he had discovered Gay Jeans — in two stylish varieties, no less! At last, definitive evidence that some denim really is just born that way.

In case you’re a little curious about these jeans — and hey, it’s perfectly natural to be — we prepared a brief FAQ below.

Stretch-Skinny Gay Jeans

How do I know these jeans are really gay? Could it just be a phase? Actually, brand-new Gay Jeans look and act like any other pair of fine five-pocket denims. But as they get older, they can’t help showing their true colors — literally! Through normal washing and wearing, their indigo dye will gradually fade away, revealing fabulously colorful yarn.

Can I prevent them from becoming gay by not washing them? This will merely slow the process. It will also have the unintended consequence of repulsing friends and loved ones, regardless of orientation.

Is the slim-fit for men and the stretch-skinny for women? Yes.

Is the slim-fit for women and the stretch-skinny for men? Also, yes. Just depends what you like.

If I’m straight, will wearing Gay Jeans make me gay? No more than driving a Toyota will make you Japanese. If you put on a pair of Gay Jeans and begin experiencing gayness, chances are it’s because you are gay.

Scroll down either product page for even more useful information.

The Science Behind Gay Jeans

Slim-Fit Gay Jeans

Gay Jeans are out of the closet; will they end up in yours? Help crowdfund Slim-Fit and Stretch-Skinny Gay Jeans today and save up to 25%. (If they reach their funding goals, we’ll donate 10% of the proceeds to the San Francisco LGBT Center.)

Slim-Fit Gay Jeans

Crowdfund The Future Of Workwear

Inspired by our West Coast Workwear Collection, Betabrand designers and fans alike have been creating new office fashion, like the foursome below. If these prototypes reach their funding goals, we’ll make more. If they don’t, they’ll get stuffed in the office shredder. Help crowdfund ’em today and save!


Corporate Ladder Climbing Pants

Corporate Ladder Climbers

Whether you’re climbing the metaphorical ladder to business success or just trying to escape a non-metaphorical bear, Seth Gourson’s Corporate Ladder Climbing Pants are ideal when upward mobility is the goal.


Chakra Shell Top

Chakra Shell Top

A shirt for work, and working out. Tony Wloch’s wrinkle-free Chakra is made from breathable, moisture-wicking performance fabric for maximum comfort. It also features a drop-tail hem in back for proper coverage.


Corporate Raider Hooded Blazer

Corporate Raider Blazer

Apparel alchemist Jonathon McMahon has magically mixed hoodie and blazer to create the Corporate Raider Hooded Blazer. Ideal for any executive whose hair-transplant operation has gone horribly awry.


Work-It Skirt

Work-It Skirt

Tony Wloch’s new skirt was designed to work in most any situation. It’s made from the same performance knit as our Dress Pant Yoga Pants, which means it’s super comfy and practically wrinkle-free.

New In The Think Tank: Glass Explorer’s Hoodie

Google Glass is finally available to the American public, if only for a day. And with just slightly less fanfare, we’re debuting Steven B. Wheeler’s idea for a hoodie made to accommodate said eyewear. Check out his Glass Explorer’s Executive Hoodie and let us know what you think.

Glass Explorer's Executive Hoodie

Stop By For A Night Of Style

Visit Betabrand HQ this Thursday (April 17) for a Night of Style with the fine fashion-minded folks from Share Some Style. Click here to schedule a free 15-minute call with your very own personal stylist this week, then swing by our store on Thursday from 6 to 9 p.m. and put that valuable information to use! You’ll save 20% on all in-stock items in our women’s collection, plus those same style pros will be on hand to gently suggest that you shouldn’t wear a dress on your head, et cetera.

Click here for more info and to RSVP for this free event.

Join Us For A Night of Style!

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