4/8 Newsletter: 5 Shorts + Elope Dress 2.0


Five Fantastic New Shorts!

Shorts! We could on and on about the virtues of exposed knees and ventilated inner thighs, but we bet you’re pretty well-versed on these topics already. So, let’s get right to it: We just added five lightweight cotton and linen shorts to this season’s lineup. We made just a limited batch of each — order yours today!

Navy Sonar

Navy Sonar Shorts

Mountain Man

Mountain Man Shorts

Black & Tan Linen

Black & Tan Linen Shorts

Navy Stripe Linen

Navy Stripe Linen Shorts

Brown Stripe Linen

Brown Stripe Linen Shorts

Now In Crowdfunding: The Elope Dress

We’re bringing back Janice Mao’s gorgeous, travel-friendly garment for unconventional nuptials! Based on your feedback, we’ve added a few inches in length — and subtracted a few dollars in price.

Wear it when you just want to grab your spouse-to-be and go. Or slip it on for a honeymoon, anniversary, or a thousand other special occasions that may or may not include DJs, ham-carving stations, and inebriated in-laws. Help crowdfund the Elope Dress now and save up to 30%.

New Elope Dress

And here are some more crowdfunding projects whose collective fate rests in your hands. Hands that are holding credit cards, ideally.


Disco Hammock

Disco Hammock

For Silver Slumberers and anyone else who wants to cocoon themselves in shiny disconium, we present a fantastic new hammock from Robert Murdoch and ENO Hammocks.


Corporate Raider Hooded Blazer

Corporate Raider Blazer

Apparel alchemist Jonathon McMahon has magically mixed hoodie and blazer to create the Corporate Raider Hooded Blazer. Ideal for any executive second-guessing the decision to get a mohawk.


Corporate Ladder Climbing Pants

Corporate Ladder Climbers

Whether you’re climbing the metaphorical ladder to business success or just trying to escape a non-metaphorical bear, Seth Gourson’s Corporate Ladder Climbing Pants are ideal when upward mobility is the goal.


Disco Board Shorts

Disco Board Shorts

Are elephant seals attracted to shiny objects during rutting season? Designer Matt Wheaton would very much like you to find out on your next beach excursion.


Disco Mini Skort

Disco Mini Skort

Liana Fan won our recent Disco Design Contest with this shiny pleated miniskirt that features, among other things, built-in shorts to prevent unintentional vistas.

New Think Tank Ideas: Sanskirt & RoyalTees

From Rabekah Ringbom, a skirt made from the same supple fabric we use in our Dress Pant Yoga Pants. And from Josh Rosenbaum, four designs fortified with silky smooth satin.

If you think we should ’em into prototypes, vote now!

The Sanskirt

The RoyalTee Collection

Wanted: A Head Of Finance

We’re not so good with money. Case in point: our corporate zeppelin, construction of which is currently running 100,000% over budget. We could really, really use your help; click here to learn more about the job.

New Job Listing: Head Of Finance

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