3/21 Newsletter – The Shiniest Email You’ll Get This Year

In today’s 100% solid-disconium newsletter: crowdfundable shorts and skorts, plus flyboarding, skijoring, dancing, slacklining, hammock testing, BASE jumping, snow everything-ing, underwater adventuring, and a man named Goose.

The DiscoLab Collection

Regular readers of this newsletter naturally expect healthy levels of hyperbole. Today, however, words simply fail us. Almost.

We’re simply awed by what our customers continue to come up with! Scroll down for mind-blowing videos and cool new product designs.

First, we’d like to show off Matt Wheaton’s Disco Board Shorts. Forged from pure disconium, they’re only slightly less bright than a quasar:

Disco Board Shorts

Disco Board Shorts

And here’s Liana Fan’s Disco Mini Skort, the overall winner of our recent Disco Design Contest:

Disco Mini Skort

Will Disco Board Shorts and the Disco Mini Skort become actual Betabrand products? That’s up to you! Help crowdfund them today and save up to 30%.

By the way, we’re also restocking original Sport Shorts, Silver and Gold Track Shorts, and Tank Tops. Order now and save 10%.

Our Customers: Infinitely Cooler Than We Are

As we not-so-subtly suggested, Betabrand Model Citizens have been doing some pretty incredible things in their Disco duds lately. See for yourself:

Disco Flyboard Video

Disco Skijorers Video

Disco Dancer Video

Disco Slackline Video

Disco Hammock Video

And here are a trio of all-time favorite videos:

Disco BASE Jumping Video

Disco Snow Video

Discoceanographer Video

Got some incredible footage of your own? If it happens to include a Betabrand product, we’d like to see it. Please contact Robbie.

Billboard Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Goose Tomljenovich of Bozeman, Montana. This photo of Goose will soon appear on a large Betabrand billboard in San Francisco.

We’d like to thank everyone who submitted photos. See ’em all here. (And remember, you can always upload photos for instant fame on our homepage and a 10-20% discount.)

Billboard Contest Winner!

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