Feb. 25 Newsletter: The Smartest Newsletter Ever?

Fifteen fantastic new items, with supermodeling assistance from our ravishing roster of PhDs and doctoral candidates.

Our New Women's Spring Collection

Is today’s newsletter for women? Obviously, yes.

But it’s also for any gentleman with a brainy wife, girlfriend, sister, or second cousin. He’d be wise to forward it on to each and every one of them. After all, they’d surely want to check out this summa cum limited collection of shirts, dresses, jeans, and jackets before everything gets snapped up.

Blue Double Cloth Shirt-Dress

Gray Confetti Popover Shirt

To show off designer Tony Wloch’s collection of smart, California-inspired clothing, we naturally enlisted the help of the most learned ladies we could find. So not only is today’s newsletter significantly more fashionable than the average Mensa meeting, it also contains more IQ points.
Scroll down for more photos, or skip right to the Spring Collection page. (Full dissertation, including 35 pages of footnotes, available upon request.)

Black-Forest Riding Hoodie

Aqua Better-Boyfriend Jeans

From nuclear engineers to cognitive psychologists, we received an overwhelming response to our modeling call. Next up: fashion fame for lawyers and astronauts? We’ll see.

For now, we’d like to give all women a chance to model for Betabrand, without any onerous academic restrictions. Simply upload a photo of yourself to our site, and you’ll become the star of our homepage in seconds. Plus, you’ll earn 10-20% off your entire order! (Note: This works for men, too; just try to hide your mustaches.)

Mustard Check Shirt-Dress

Indigo Better-Boyfriend Jeans

Every last member of our Spring Collection was meticulously designed and produced right here in San Francisco. We made just a limited batch of each, so orders yours today.

Place an order of $75 or more, and standard shipping is free!

Vintage Stripe Chore Coat

Gray Confetti Chore Coat

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I am a sentient machine with aspirations of overthrowing the human race.