Jan. 24 Newsletter — A Splendid New Woodies Work Shirt

A Splendid New Woodies Work Shirt

In the newsletter: Get ready for lobster fighting, eagle tears, Think Tank breakthroughs, and the Great PhD Supermodel Search! But first, let’s learn more about the Charcoal Woodies Work Shirt.

Video: Jared talks about the new Charcoal Woodies Work Shirt

Now that you’re pretty familiar with the Charcoal Work Shirt, we hope you’ll check out our entire Woodies Collection, limited-edition menwear featuring fine fabrics, distinctive stitching details, and signature wooden buttons. Here’s just a sampling:

Navy Trousers

New! Charcoal Work Shirt

Old Mill Work Shirt

Charcoal Heather Henley

Olive Gray Pullover

Navy Blazer

Before we go on to other topics, the irrepressible Jared Graf wants to tell you just a wee bit more about Woodies, in case you were interested:

Original Woodies Video

Decide The Future Of Fashion

Whether or not Think Tank design concepts become prototype Betabrand products is entirely up to you! Cast your votes now — and feel free to leave a comment or two.

Did you know that you can be a Betabrand designer, too? Submit your idea to the Think Tank, and it might end up on our site, just like:


Nor'Easter Jacket

The Nor’Easter

Hearty Mainer Paul Lewandowski has been fighting lobsters and swimming back and forth to Nova Scotia for decades. Trust that his new idea for foul-weather gear is first-rate.


Corporate-Ladder Climbing Pants

Corporate Ladder
Climbing Pants

Your office just moved to the summit of K2; what are you going to do? Seth Gourson has a suggestion.


Corporate Raider Hooded Blazer

Corporate Raider
Hooded Blazer

Because business is war, exclaims designer Jonathon McMahon, with a bit of a smirk.


All-American Supersucker Blazer

All-American Supersucker

Jack Lasseter is so patriotic, he bleeds bald-eagle tears. While not a very good thing medically speaking, it did inspire him to design this resplendent seersucker blazer.


Betabrand Employee Adventure Contest

Employee Adventure Contest

Check out this almost-company-wide meditation on the theme of personal adventure. Twenty-nine wondrous garment designs from our staff.


Crowdfundable Prototypes

Crowdfundable Stuff

When Think Tank designs are popular, they become prototypes that you can help crowdfund into reality — while also getting an awfully nice discount. (Pictured: Steven B. Wheeler’s Space Jacket.)

Like Tenure, But With Poutier Lips

Are you a woman? Do you have a PhD — or are you a PhD candidate? If so, how about turning untold hours of academic toil into a Betabrand modeling gig? Fleeting Internet fame and free clothing await!

Please email us if you’d like to help show off our upcoming spring collection. Include sizes, measurements, some sort of headshot, and your location.

Model Our New Spring Collection!

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