Dec 17 Newsletter — The Future is Bright

Betabrand Disco Alert: The Future Is Bright



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Hope for humanity, in video form. Plus, a free Disco Holiday Stocking AND free standard shipping worldwide with your order of $150 or more.

So what, exactly, do we mean when we say the future is bright? That world peace is just around the corner? That Lamar and Khloe will reconcile? Alas, our powers of clairvoyance are limited.

What we can tell you, with reasonable certainty, is that the coming year will bring a galactic cluster of shiny stars to — if our thousands upon thousands of Model Citizens have anything to say about it.

Black Disco Tuxedo Video

Silver Disco Tux And Mini Disco Dress

This New Year’s Eve and beyond, they’ll be slipping into Disco Pants, Hoodies, Dresses, Tuxedos, and more — and setting forth on all sorts of adventures, from the spectacular to the sublimely silly.

Disco Snow Video

Silver Reversible Disco Hoodie

How can we be so sure? Because every day, we continue to be astonished by stories and images that show Model Citizens around the globe making life a little more interesting in their 100% disconium duds.

Yoga Time! (Video)

Rickshaw Video

Of course, we’re not suggesting you wear our products just because these folks do. After all, would you jump off a cliff because we told you to? (If not, then please ignore the following slo-mo video.)

BASE Jumping Video

We just think that these incomparably shiny threads impart a certain optimism to the world, no matter how or where you wear ’em. At the very least, they’ll earn you a few free drinks and plenty of high-fives down the road.

More weird and wonderful Disco exploits are on the horizon, and we look forward to showing you them all!

Bono And Disco (Video)

Meanwhile, you can visit the DiscoLab to see a ton of fantastic clothing creations — in original silver as well as gold, green, black, and more. And don’t forget about today’s special offer:

Spend $150+, Get A Free Disco Holiday Stocking!

New Disco Designs In The Think Tank:
Moto Jacket & Board Shorts

Next year, perhaps we’ll be showing you videos starring Chris Lindland’s Disco Moto Jacket and Matt Wheaton’s Disco Board Shorts. Visit the Think Tank to learn more about these disconium-laden designs, leave feedback for Chris and Matt, and help us decide if we should turn their ideas into actual prototypes!

Disco Moto Jacket

Disco Board Shorts

Write Caption, Win Disco Pants

What’s going on in this photo? Post your wittiest explanation here and you might win the shiniest pants in all of Reno.

Model Citizen Caption Contest

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