Dec 31 Newsletter — 2013: The Year in Review


The Year In Review:
Best Of Think Tank & Model Citizen

The Year In Review: Best Of Think Tank & Model Citizen

We picked our favorites from more than 150 new design ideas and 10,000 fan photos.

Thanks to our Model Citizens and Think Tank designers, 2013 was a super-sized smorgasbord of fan fashion & photography.  

Today, we’re celebrating the very best, worst, and most disquieting customer creations of the year gone by.  Enjoy!

Most Popular Think Tank Design: Matthew Conte’s Vajamas 

Best Think Tank Idea: Matthew Conte’s Vajamas

Now in their sixth production run, these impossibly soft slacks have finally made the sensation of zero-g junk a reality for non-astronauts! Softer than Ewok armpits. Softer than soft-serve cashmere.  So incredibly soft, we had to make a hoodie as well.

Most Popular Tank Design #2 (Infinitely-More-Tasteful Category):
Dress Pant Yoga Pants, From Sarah James

Best Think Tank Idea #2: Sarah James’s Dress Pant Yoga Pants

BREAKING NEWS: For two years, women have been demanding their own version of Dress Pant Sweatpants — and now they’ve gotten their wish.

Unveiled just a week ago, these office-appropriate yoga pants blew past their crowdfunding goal in record time.   Supertankers of soft, stretchy fabric are now en route to San Francisco, so we can sew ’em up by early Feb.  Click to reserve a pair from the very first production run.

Tastiest Think Tank Design: Chris Cosentino’s Chef Jeans

Tastiest Think Tank Idea: Chris Cosentino's Chef Jeans

Chef Cosentino, famed creator of Gluttony Pants, Meat Feat Socks, and Butcher Briefs, recently unveiled his Chef Jeans, and broiling loins in kitchens across America rejoiced! That’s because these jeans feature subtle, strategic crotch vents, just one of many features designed to delight professional chefs and microwave jockeys alike.

Worst Think Tank Design: NSFWorkwear

Least-Focus-Grouped Idea: NSFWorkwear

Please don’t force us to actually make this product.

Best Model Citizen Photo: Mark Barthelemy

VIDEO: Best Model Citizen Photo: Mark Barthelemy

Whatever your thoughts about North Korean dictators, you have to hand it to Mark Barthelemy (he’s the guy on the left), the first Betabrand traveler to successfully smuggle Dress Pant Sweatpants into the Hermit Kingdom.

Most Disgusting Model Citizen Photos: Santa The Hutt (And A Cast Of Thousands)

Santa The Hutt Video

This holiday season, Visitors to Betabrand HQ were treated to a rather corpulent (and ill-mannered) Kris Kringle. Watch them pose with our latex leviathan.

Best B-Glasses Photo: Zach Grossblatt

Best B-Glasses Photo

While thousands of Model Citizens will surely protest, this is the Betabrand office favorite — So much, we dedicated our garage door to him. If you have a funny photo of yourself and want to dethrone young Zach before year’s end, click here to upload it to our site. You’ll also get 10% off anything you order today!

Bravest Model Citizen: Tyler MacNiven, Amateaur Sumo Wrestler

VIDEO: Bravest Model Citizen: Tyler MacNiven, Amateaur Sumo Wrestler

Tyler used his Disco Open-Source fabric to fashion a shiny, handsome mawashi. The rest is sports history.

Best Thing That Happened To Betabrand: Our New HQ!

Betabrand HQ is located at 780 Valencia Street

Come by for a visit! Watch as new prototypes come to life every day. Watch as people (like you, perhaps) are plucked off the street to become fashion models.

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