The Woodies Collection: Further Explanation

Jared Graf is Betabrand’s Creative Director


Jared Graf ThumbnailWoodies garments are the rustic, utilitarian pieces in your wardrobe — a counterbalance to the ephemeral, largely virtual world we live in today. Each garment features beautiful wooden buttons, a detail that connects all Woodies products to one another. If you’ve been in a cafe, bar, or retail shop built in the last five years, you’ll know that wood has been dominating architecture and interior design for some time now.

By surrounding ourselves with a natural, slow-growth material like wood, we’re choosing durability over disposability in the spaces we live and work in. You can see this emphasis on quality construction and handicraft in the resurgence of folks working with their hands, learning “old” trades, and simply getting outdoors to go camping, surfing, hiking, and so on. Amid the cacophony of tweets, status updates, and email notifications, Woodies stand strong as a sartorial extension of an acoustic lifestyle.

Our first Woodies offerings included a Baja-style hoodie and some easy chambray trousers, paying homage to the relaxed, unplugged lifestyle of West Coast surf culture. Encouraged by the success of this initial release, we want to expand Woodies into a small collection of button-ups, deconstructed blazers, and super-soft knit pullovers. Every item in the collection will feature premium fabrics, signature stitching details, and, of course, beautiful wooden buttons, made from trees sustainably harvested in the U.S.

Real Wood Buttons

Made from sustainably harvested Vermont trees.

Woodies products begin with the buttons. They’re made of laminated birch, sustainably harvested in Vermont using a “cut two, plant three” method. Furthermore, they’re free of dyes and stains, and O.K. for machine washing.

Every button is cut in Brooklyn.

The lumber is then milled and turned by hand in Brooklyn, New York, by a family business that’s been around since the 1930s.

Dyeing Process

The drum that dyes Woodies trousers.

We’ve garment dyed and silicone washed each pair of Woodies trousers. In traditional mass production fabrics are dyed before being sewn up into pants. However, each Woodies trouser starts out by being fully sewn in an undyed, untreated natural cotton, and is then split up into different dye baths to create our different colors. This creates a beautiful worn-in look with natural color variations throughout the garment. To further improve upon this technique, we silicone wash each pair with a fine silica that makes the flannel brushed face of each trouser even softer.


Close-up details.

Every pair of trousers features meticulously designed details, including: back welt pockets and a patch coin pocket on the wearer’s right side.


The fit was given just as much attention as the design details.

We’ve been iterating on this pants pattern for the past six months, and we’ve finally nailed it. These chinos have a tailored, yet approachable fit.


Premium fabrics.

For all Woodies trousers, I wanted to use soft, lightweight, durable cottons, each of which have been silicone washed for an even softer feel.


The Woodies Collection.

We designed the Woodies collection so that individual pieces can be mixed and matched. We used a rustic fall color palette when selecting fabrics, so each piece looks good with one another.

By funding these initial pieces into existence, you’ll ensure that the entire Woodies collection gets made and can grow to offer more product types over time.

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