The History of Disco

 Betabrand’s Disco Pants are a tale of vision & perseverance — one that stretches back to 2006, when my original business partner, Enrique Landa, found 8 yards of the fabled cloth at a closeout fabric store.

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Back then, we only sold Cordarounds and neither of us expected the company would last. So, like wise businessmen, we invested our scant funds into silly pants for personal party use.

I picked out assorted furs and he snagged the reflective tiles. In all honesty, I didn’t see it — lion pelt pants would be funnier, right?

A week later, I retrieved the samples from the sew shop, and his vision appeared before my eyes.


It was late afternoon and the sun was setting through the windows.  Light reflected off the pant’s panels, scattering throughout the room. It was hilarious.

I posted photos of Enrique onto our blog and two fans,  Jamis MacNiven (founder of Bucks Woodside) and Tim Wheaton (visionary photographer) demanded disco pants of their own.

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And that was it.   3 pair of disco pants roamed the earth for 4 years while Enrique scoured the Earth in search of the fabric’s source.

He snipped off small swatches of the remaining half yard and mailed ’em off to various fabric vendors.   I liked his quest to a caveman keeping a burning ember alive.

Finally, in 2010, he found the source and we launched ’em in July, only to discover that there wasn’t enough disco fabric on the planet to satiate the demand from Burning Man attendees.

Folks wanted pants and hoodies and shorts and more.    So we kept creating new products while customers sent in incredible photos and videos of disco adventures around the world.

Though we designed ’em for parties, disco products have become products for self expression, day and night.   While that may sound corny, when you dig through the thousands of photos folks have sent in, you’ll find a far bigger story than shiny pants.

Every day, we expect a new disco stories from somewhere in the world — everything from weddings to mountaineering adventures. And for that,  we can all thank Enrique Landa and his quixotic quest to find Disconium.  Feel free to look him up on Facebook and say thanks.

Chris Lindland is Betabrand’s Founder


Chris Lindland

Chris Lindland

Chris Lindland is Betabrand's Founder & CEO
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Chris Lindland is Betabrand's Founder & CEO