Betabrand Presents: Sensational Strongman Henleys!

Also in today’s newsletter: Medicine Balls McGillicuddy, new Hoodigans, even newer jobs, and snowmen.


Three New Striped Henley Shirts


There was once a time when America idolized the “strongman,” the strapping Platonic ideal of what a gentleman should be: dashing and fearless, courteous and generously whiskered, possessing powers of physical and mental fortitude ordinary men could only dream of.


Across the country, legendary specimens of brawn like Medicine Balls McGillicuddy, Fancy Dan Fisticuffs, and The Handsome Hernia plied their trade in circuses, carnivals, and anywhere else they could merrily test their manly mettle before a roaring crowd.


Brown Strongman Henley


The strongman performed his feats of derring-do without modern contrivances like nutritional supplements and moisture-wicking athletic garments. All he required was an indomitable will, a well-oiled mustache, and, of course, a handsome striped shirt. Today, Betabrand is honoring this proud tradition with a trio of authentic, limited-edition Strongman Henley Shirts!


Want to start living the strongman lifestyle? Just slip on one of these lightweight, super-comfy henleys, cancel your CrossFit membership, and embrace a heartier exercise regimen that includes strongman classics like:

  • Clydesdale wrestling,

  • Limburger-cheese sniffing,

  • Eating contests (coal, knuckle sandwiches, vulcanized tires, etc.),

  • Anvil kicking,

  • Porcupine underwearing,

  • Groin pull-ups,

  • Going over Niagara Falls in a barrel full of angry bees — in a blizzard.


Teal Strongman Henley


Feeling like a gentlemanly brute has never been easier! Order your new Brown, Blue, or Teal Strongman Henley today. (They go great with amateur-stuntman-approved Sons of Britches, by the way.) Like all our creations, they’re available for a limited time — and only at


Blue Strongman Henley




New Brick House & Pay Dirt Hoodigans


We’re also releasing two new versions of the Hoodigan, Betabrand’s wonderfully soft and comfy hoodie-cardigan hybrid.


Brick House Hoodigan


You’ll find new Brick House and Pay Dirt Hoodigans — along with the ever-popular Static and Shark-Hide versions — in our West Coast Workwear Collection.


Pay Dirt Hoodigan




We’re Hiring!


Speaking of work, Betabrand is heeding the President’s call to action by creating a number of great new jobs here in San Francisco. Want to join in the fun? Check out all our new openings.


Betabrand is hiring!




Model Citizen Caption Contest


What’s this handsome gentleman’s story? Post your funniest caption on our Facebook Fan Page. Today’s winner will receive his/her choice of Cordarounds!


Model Citizen Contest




How To Get 10-20% Off Every Day — And Get Famous Along The Way


Like the previous photo? You’ll find it and hundreds of others on our Model Citizen Wall of Fame. Want to join in the fun? Upload your own photo to our site with the Betabrand Model Citizen app and save 10-20% on your next order.


Model Citizen Wall of Fame


It’s really simple to buy Betabrand stuff for less. Got a photo of yourself in Betabrand duds? Upload it, share it, and snag 20% savings! Don’t own any of our stuff yet? No problem. You can still save 10% just by slapping a pair of our B-Glasses on any photo of yourself. Either way, you’ll instantly become a top model on our site, and soon you’ll be enjoying all the adoration that an international fashion icon deserves.




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