Betabrand Presents: A One-Day Deal On Cordarounds, The Only Trousers Approved By Mighty Lord Shamacho!

Save magnificently on our beloved horizontal-corduroy trousers. Also, grimly reap a pair of Day of the Dead Pants for a very special price.


Cordarounds Deal


For the next 24 hours, we’re celebrating a historic agreement between Betabrand and all the world’s whales with a fantastic deal on all Cordarounds: order two, save $30 instantly; order three or more, save $50. That includes new versions of two of our most popular styles: Moss and Graphite.


Corduroy-craving pantaholics should click here immediately. Whale lovers and the orca-curious are advised to continue reading.


The Cordarounds Collection


Like all forward-thinking clothing companies, Betabrand has long sought to win the favor of whales. Our Cordarounds, in particular, share a deep, linguistic connection with cetaceans — after all, corduroy ridges are called wales. Need we say more?


Last week, several Betabrand representatives* were finally allowed to plead our case before the annual interspecies whale quorum, held amid the wreckage of the Titanic and presided over by none other than Lord Shamacho, King of all Whales.**


This was hardly the first time the fashion industry had sought a whale endorsement. Killer whales are highly coveted by tuxedo designers. Narwhals have been courted by fencing-equipment manufacturers. And sperm whales are forever being approached by distributors of exotic lingerie.


Lord Shamacho, King of all Whales!


Needless to say, the notoriously clothing-averse whales were skeptical of Cordarounds, at first. But our unique horizontal-corduroy trousers soon won them over with comfort, attractive styling, and resistance to harpoons. (We may have exaggerated that last one.)


We’re happy to report that with a flapping of flukes and a raucous chorus of clicks and whistles, these majestic mammals of the deep voted overwhelmingly to endorse our pants! (The vote would have been unanimous, were it not for a splinter group of disgruntled porpoises.) It should be noted, however, that Lord Shamacho insisted on several stringent conditions:

  • The wales of our corduroy trousers will hereafter be referred to as “whales.”

  • All new Betabrand shirts and jackets will be designed to accommodate dorsal fins.

  • We will no longer heat our offices by burning rendered blubber.

  • Future batches of Sea Monster Cordarounds will be made with the hide of the loathsome giant squid.


While we now turn our attention to securing endorsements from Waylon Jennings and the entire population of Wales, we invite you to save big on our newly whale-approved trousers. Remember, this fantastic Cordarounds deal ends today!


Graphite Cordarounds


*Thanks to Betabrand’s Arctic Hula Hooper, Discoceanographer, and All-American Yachtsman for their invaluable efforts on the high seas.


**While Shamacho is best known for once devouring an entire whaling vessel, he is also revered in the cetacean community for his progressive views on taxes and education reform.



This Week Only: Morbidly Magnificent Savings On Day Of The Dead Pants


Tomorrow, as many of you know, is the Day of the Dead. Today, as even more of you know, is Halloween. What better time of the year to offer our men’s and women’s Pantalones de los Muertos at a special price! Sale ends Friday — supplies are limited.


Men's and women's Day of the Dead Pants




We’d Like To Remind You About Group Discounts


Seems that we’re increasingly popular among groups of gents who want to dress alike for, say, weddings, bachelor parties, sporting events, or any other dignified function that demands matching threads.


Group Discount


If you and at least two of your friends fall into this category, consider taking advantage of a Betabrand group discount. All you need to do is order three or more of the same item. The bigger your order, the bigger your discount. E-mail for more information and to get your deal.




How To Get 10-20% Off Every Day — And Get Famous Along The Way


Like the previous photo? You’ll find it and hundreds of others on our Model Citizen Wall of Fame. Want to join in the fun? Upload your own photo to our site with the Betabrand Model Citizen app and save 10-20% on your next order.


Model Citizen Wall of Fame


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