Betabrand Presents: Sock Insurance

You’ll never miss a missing sock again. Plus, prepare for a thrilling update on our global Cat Fancy Photo Challenge.

Sock Insurance

Every year, millions of innocent socks go missing — never to be heard from again. Statistically speaking, one of those socks was probably yours. (Sorry to open old wounds.)

At Betabrand, we believe no one should have to experience the heartbreak of sock loss. So we didn’t just create four new pairs of socks. We also created Sock Insurance. Forget about health insurance; this is immeasurably more important. And it’s free with any pair of new, limited-edition Betabrand Insured Socks. Now, your feet are really covered.

Here’s how this revolutionary insurance policy works: If you lose one of your Insured Socks within a year of purchase, we’ll replace it, free of charge — up to two single socks per pair. All you have to do is submit a claim — that is, upload a funny photo via any Insured Sock product page, where you’ll also find step-by-step directions and a little bit of fine print.

Betabrand Insured Socks

With Sock Insurance, you’ll have the piece of mind that other policies simply can’t deliver (not to mention a great-looking, super-comfy pair of socks). For example:

  • You’ll be protected from wild ups and downs in the sock market.

  • You’ll be able to attend sock hops with 100% confidence, no matter how footloose and fancy free you get.

  • This Halloween, you can wear your Red Hot Chili Pepper costume with reckless abandon.

  • If your sock puppet decides to quit on you, no problem.

  • No more worrying about on-the-job sock loss. (Apologies, sawmill operators: This policy doesn’t cover foot loss.)

  • Your friends may tsk-tsk you for wearing socks with sandals, but at least you can say you’re not wearing sock with sandals.

  • Part of the proceeds from every purchase funds efforts to track down evil gnomes who steal socks out of washing machines and dryers — and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

  • Finally, you can take off your socks during sex.

That’s the power of Sock Insurance. Sign up today by ordering one or more pairs of Diamond, Double B, or men’s or women’s Meta Socks. They’ve available now, and only at

Want to hear what somewhat-real Sock Insurance policyholders have to say? Then watch this informative and heartstrings-tugging video.

Sock Insurance Video


A Fancy Feast For The Senses: The Cat Fancy Photo Challenge (Update)

Our Cat Fancy Photo Challenge is in full swing! Model Citizens from around the world are vying to star in our first — and, it’s fairly safe to say, last — advertisement in Cat Fancy magazine, the feline periodical of record.

Want to enter? Now through next Wednesday (June 6), use our handy-dandy Model Citizen app to submit a funny photo — cat-related or otherwise — of you wearing some of our stuff. Here are just a few of the great submissions we’ve received so far:

Cat Fancy Challenge: Title Contenders

Ready to take your modeling portfolio to the next level? Upload your Cat Fancy Challenge photo today! (Everyone who enters will also get a nice little discount code.)


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