The Betabrand SuckerLab Is Here!

Today: new pants, new dresses, walrus boxing, mustache extract.

Blue Seersucker Pants

Our new SuckerLab collection was inspired by warm, sunny weekends of yore, when the streets of San Francisco's colorful Barbary Coast were chockablock with ladies and gentlemen promenading in springtime seersucker finery — and indulging in the district's many pleasures, pastimes, and amusements. For example:

  • Shopping for the most popular new ointments and salves.

  • Taking in a few rounds of a walrus-boxing match.

  • Thrilling to feats of tobacco-juice aerialism at the famous Spittodrome.

  • Supping on pickled-snout sandwiches at Phineas Humperdinck's Lunch Hall & Emporium of Human Curiosities.

  • Drinking oneself into unconsciousness at the Lice-Comber Saloon. (A portion of the original cocktail menu appears below!)

  • Waking up Sunday afternoon aboard a schooner bound for China.

Yellow Seersucker Wrap Dress

Times (and food-safety laws) have changed, but you can still enjoy the classic style and comfort of seersucker this spring with our new pants and wrap dresses — the exciting first offerings from this year's SuckerLab Collection.

No matter what strenuous activities you have planned in the warm-weather weekends to come — browsing bookstores and boutiques, sipping cocktails and iced cappuccinos, finding witty things to say about genital-shaped produce at the farmers market — rest assured you'll stay remarkably cool in our patented horizontal seersucker.

Ash-Gray Seersucker Pants and Wrap Dress

Ash-Gray Seersucker Wrap Dress

Our San Francisco sew shop made just a limited batch of Seersucker Pants (in Blue and Ash-Gray) and Seersucker Wrap Dresses (in Yellow and Ash-Gray), so order yours today. And be sure to check out all the great seersucker inventions still in the works. (More on that below.)

Drink Menu

Seersucker Wrap Dresses


New SuckerLab Experiments!

In the weeks ahead, we'll be introducing a whole lot of new seersucker for men and women, including hoodies, shirts, shorts, and pants. These new SuckerLab inventions have their very own Think Tank sections (just scroll down each product page a wee bit), where you can leave messages of love and support, or withering, insult-laden reproaches, or suggestions for improvements. Want to know the instant these products are available for sale? You can also sign up for an e-mail alert on each product page.



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