Betabrand Presents: The All-New Think Tank!

We’ve built a steam-belching, particle-accelerating, community idea factory. Check out our prototype products, then let us know what you think.

Betabrand Think Tank

For the last year or so, we’ve been showing off our works in progress as "Think Tank" items, giving fans the chance to actually help us develop new products — and, in some cases, to let us know that we shouldn’t bother. Folks seem to really like this idea, so now we’ve created an entire Think Tank section on to house all our prototypes.

Think Tank products aren’t available for sale yet — some, you will quickly surmise, are never destined to leave the drawing board — but you can sign up to be alerted when they are. There’s also a comments section on each product page (just scroll down a tad), where we encourage you to let the feedback fly. Like a concept? Absolutely hate it? Have some suggestions for improvements? Do let us know.

Now, here are the latest Think Tank additions:

The Nova Hoodie

Designed with the citizens of Vancouver, San Francisco, and other tropical paradises in mind, this rugged, reversible hoodie sports a stealthy black interior and an outer shell that evokes pure, solar fury. Now we just need a group of folks to adopt it as their official uniform. A skydiving gang? A sun worshipping cult? Got some more suggestions? Post your comments in the Think Tank.

Nova Hoodie

Seersucker Cargo Pants

Here’s a peek at the newest member of this year’s SuckerLab collection, our summer sartorial celebration of bourbon-sipping, porch-sitting, and general easygoingness. Got ideas for other interesting seersucker creations? Post your comments in the Think Tank.

Seersucker Cargo Pants

The Disco Bikini

During an early series of beach-based tests, our Disco Bikini proved so incredibly reflective in the afternoon sun that one of our models inadvertently signaled a passing ship to beware of pirates. Are there any other issues we might have overlooked? Post your comments in the Think Tank.

Disco Bikini

The Executive Pinstripe Hoodie

To create the Executive Pinstripe Hoodie, we took a classic hoodie design and added superfine Merino wool, the stuff used to make fancy-schmancy suit trousers. The result: a garment equally at home in the boardroom or on the beach. Got any other ideas for business-casual mash-ups that we can steal from you? (Sorry, that’s the ruthless executive side of the Executive Hoodie talking.) Post your comments in the Think Tank.

Executive Hoodie


Betabrand believes that today’s hardworking businessman deserves to show off his sexecutive side! That’s why we’re creating NSFWorkwear: fashion that will redefine what it means to be Wall Street Teat Chic. Do you have some fresh, exciting ideas for our upcoming $25 million ad campaign? Post your comments in the Think Tank.


Women’s Reversible Drinking Vest

So you’re the kind of woman who doesn’t just need a cute vest to wear for a night on the town. You demand a garment that can change its appearance in a flash — one that also has a hidden pocket big enough to hold a flask. Good lord, our mother warned us about ladies like you. At any rate, perhaps you can take a moment and let know what other nifty features you’d like to see on our Reversible Drinking Vest. Post your comments in the Think Tank.

Women's Reversible Drinking Vest

In addition to these fine products, you’ll fine other inventions eagerly awaiting your feedback in the Think Tank, including The Earl Gray Terry Blazer, The Caperon, The Comanches Sweater, and The Blue-Blooded Work Shirt. You can comment copiously and sign up for product alerts. (And if you simply must spend some money, we hasten to add that there’s an awful lot of awesome stuff for sale elsewhere in the Betabrand store.)


Betabrand Puma

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