Betabrand, Lucifer Announce Start of Reversible Smoking Jacket Season

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Smoking Jackets

Attention gentlemen: The Dark Lord has just blown smoke rings from all the world's volcanoes, signaling the start of Reversible Smoking Jacket Season. Rejoice at the prospect of turning innocent happy hours and ho-hum social gatherings into decadent dances of unmitigated debauchery!

This season, Betabrand is offering the Reversible Smoking Jacket in five devilish incarnations: Blackhorse Black, Bacchus Brown, Disco, Silver Fox, and, for the first time, ultra-ultra-smooth Blue Velvet.

Blackhorse Smoking Jacket

On the outside, the Reversible Smoking Jacket is a sophisticated urban coat. Wear it to work. Wear it after work. Wear it any time you want to look like a million bucks — earned legally.

But turn it inside out, and this seemingly respectable garment transforms into a hell-raising party jacket of luxuriously silky and uninhibited brocade, guaranteed to earn the hungry-eyed admiration of mortals — and the nodding approval of demons.

Silver Fox Smoking Jacket

For more reversibility information, please consult these two helpful videos:

Blue Velvet Smoking Jacket VideoBlackhorse Smoking Jacket Video

Each jacket has been indulgently appointed with a soft cashmere collar, even softer Vagisoft-lined pockets (click here to learn more about this miracle material), a quick-deploy pocket hankie, and a sneaky skull button, which lets the world know that you mean business.

Blue Velvet

Ready to kick off Reversible Smoking Jacket Season? In case your calendar is out of order, we've compiled a brief list of events that herald the onset of this joyous time of year:

  • Fresh cigar tobacco returns to local farmers markets.
  • Annual migration of the Spanish Fly begins.
  • Russian proletariat riots as vodka supplies rerouted for martini production.
  • The Members Only Governing Council grants exceptions for Reversible Smoking Jackets.
  • Visitors flock to Mexico's famed Lago de Agua Velva.
  • Even the Pope takes time out to worship satin.

Silver Fox Smoking Jacket

Per federal obscenity laws, we can only make Reversible Smoking Jackets in very small, limited-edition batches. So they won't be available for long. You'll find them only at

NOTE: Customers in San Francisco can have jackets hand-delivered to their favorite bar or other den of iniquity. Just select the in-store pickup option at checkout and then e-mail with delivery instructions.

Blue Velvet Smoking Jacket


Last Chance to Vote for COLOURlovers Socks Supreme!

Betabrand recently asked the COLOURlovers community to create color palettes for socks we’re making this winter. After receiving an amazing 2,000 submissions, we’re proud to present the 30 finalists. Please help us choose a winner by voting for your favorite design. (The top three sock designs will be sold as a 3-pack.)

Voting ends TODAY at 5 p.m. Pacific. Click here to vote.

Sock Contest Image


Graphic Designer Wanted

Just imagine how splendid our newsletters would be if they were designed by a capable graphic artist!

Betabrand's now big enough to afford such luxuries, so maybe you or someone you know is the right person to join the team. We're looking for a fairly junior designer, but one with a sharp eye and outlandish ambitions to help us turn Betabrand into an evil multinational corporation. Candidates should send their portfolios to

We can't afford to work with agencies, and we'd ideally like someone local. But if you're a spectacularly talented Swede who can telecommute, we'll consider it.


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