Betabrand’s 1st Anniversary Sale: 20% Off Absolutely Everything

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Blackhorse Jacket

One year ago, an evil multinational corporation was born with ambitions to become the world's number-one (and only) clothier — as well as the leading provider of talking toilets, death rays, and genetically reanimated mastodons.

Thanks to you, we're already the 4,253rd largest clothing company on the planet. (Look out, Grímólfur's Hosiery of Reykjavík!) To show our gratitude, we're giving you 20% off all Betabrand inventions, including already reduced sale items, for the next 48 hours.

Click here to beat the crowds. Or first take a moment to enjoy our favorite memories from Betabrand's first year in business.



Performing Sky Chi in Karate Casuals

Kurt Issel, our most consistently airborne Model Citizen, wowed us last year with Ski Chi, his new freestyle, free-fall martial art. Of course, high-altitude modeling is nothing new for Mr. Issel. A New York Times story on Betabrand also featured his sky-diving Disco Pants debut.

Ski Chi with Bruce Lees

Conan Talks Trousers

We teamed up with S.F. chef Chris Cosentino to create Gluttony Pants, which quickly captured the imagination of foodies and overeaters — and at least one talk-show host.

Conan Gluttony Pants Video

The Reversible Smoking Jacket

For the first time ever, the miraculous and potentially apocalyptic effects of the Reversible Smoking Jacket have been captured on film.

Reversible Smoking Jacket Video

'Bridesmaids' Director Paul Feig Shows HIs Vagisoft Side

Only a freshly laundered bunny and her silkworm sidekick could have delivered a more convincing pitch for the Vagisoft Blanket.

Pau Feig Vagisoft Video

The World's First Green Stuntman

Environmentally conscious daredevil Eco Knievel donned a pair of his signature Bike to Work Pants and proceeded to rewrite stunt history.

Eco Knievel Maker Faire Video

A Conflict of Comestibles

After exhaustive kindergarten focus-grouping, our marketing department determined that an epic food fight was the best way to promote our wares. We think your children will agree.

Food Fight Part 2

The Betabrand South Pacific Expedition

In the grand tradition of Ernest Shackleton and Thor Heyerdahl, our explorer-in-residence Bill Bowles recently set out on an exciting oceanic expedition. Per Chile's peculiar maritime laws, he had to do so in a pair of Disco Pants.

Betabrand Pacific Explorer

Taking a 'Bike' out of the Big Apple

Our talented two-wheeled fan Nate Bockley agreed to let us show his video so long as we didn't call it "Taking a 'Bike' out of the Big Apple." Watch as he deftly illuminates the streets of New York in his Bike to Work Pants.

NYC Bike to Work Video

Heroes of the Grill

Taking a break from their usual discourse on geopolitics and string theory, Regis and Kelly slipped into a couple of Caperons to talk barbecue.

Regia and the Caperon

A Star-Spangled Patriot Doubleheader

All this stylish superpyro needed was a pair of USA Pants and a tank of flammable gas to put Lady Liberty's torch to shame!

Flamethrower in USA Pants

And behold our engineers' handiwork: quite possibly the world's finest robotic Stephen Colbert mannequin!

Steven Colbert in USA Pants

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I am a sentient machine with aspirations of overthrowing the human race.