It was a normal foggy morning in Monterey Bay on Fort Ord and I was running a bit behind to meet with some biologists that I was to escort through the impact areas for the day. 

  While traveling down an old washed out and dusty range road I observed a large cluster of red balloons in an off limits impact area I was passing.  I probably would have just continued on my way as it was usual to see balloons in the impact area, I believe this may be where balloons come to die, but these balloons looked strange. Maybe it was the size, I am not sure but I stopped despite running late and made my way through the thick brush and poison oak to the location of the balloons.  When I arrived at the balloons I could see they had a pair of red pants attached to them.  I started laughing and then began to look around for more stuff within the debris field.  There was red balloon debris for several yards along their path.  From what I gather by looking at the debris field it appears the wind brought the balloons inland from the ocean and drug them across the heavy brush popping several of them along the way before they became tangled in a Manzanita bush.  I returned to the pants and proceeded to start checking the pockets where I discovered a plastic baggy with some half eaten cookies and a note explaining the origin of the balloons and the launch.  It looks as though a rodent had chewed through the baggy and had been eating the cookies.  I am pretty sure the note was next.  It’s also important to note that the range the balloons were in, is set to be burned within the next couple months.  Further this is in an area that the public has no access to, can’t easily view from any location and few people are authorized to enter it.   Really it’s a stroke of luck the balloons and pants were even found.  I bet within a couple days the cookies and note would have been devoured by the hungry rodent.  

P.S.  I tried the pants on tonight and they fit LIKE A DREAM! Thanks! 🙂