Betabrand Presents: Save Like a Supermodel


In today's newsletter: 30% discounts for Model Citizens; a seersucker clearance sale; and a roundup of July 4th fashion festivities, starring Mr. Regis Philbin.


Blackhorse Smoking Jacket


Want something rewarding to do this weekend? How about earning up to 30% off any Betabrand product (including already discounted seersucker sale items!) for doing what comes naturally — acting like an idiot in front of a camera.


All you have to do is test out our new and improved Model Citizen application. Just click the green Model Citizen tab on the right side of any page and then upload your photo. Your image will take a lightning-fast lap in our particle accelerator and — whammo blammo! — you're a bona fide Internet supermodel!


Disco Pants


While landscape-oriented (i.e., horizontal) images fit best, we've engineered cropping features and funny backgrounds for folks who aren't as handy with photo-editing applications. (Christie Brinkley not included.)


Greed Pants and Christy B


The more photos you send, the more informative the Betabrand shopping experience will be. (Does a gentleman need to know if he can BASE jump in a pair of Mary-Go-Rounds? We think so.) This week, we're using Model Citizen photos in the galleries of popular products like USA Pants, Disco Pants, Reversible Smoking Jackets, and Caperons. Join this festival of fashion by giving Model Citizen a whirl today.




How to Reap Model Citizen Savings


–Returning customers: Get 30% off your next order by uploading any (preferably amusing and/or badass) photo of you and your Betabrand clothes in action. Click here to get started. Or click the green Model Citizen tab on the right side of any page.


–Don't own anything from Betabrand? You can still be a Model Citizen and score 15% off your order. Just upload a photo of you wearing a pair of our signature red B-glasses. Download the glasses image here if you want to perform Photoshop wizardry. Or click here for a copy you can print out, cut out, and then wear proudly and ridiculously.




(If you don't have a camera or don't care to act silly in front of one, we've got great deals for a limited time on Suckerlab pants, shorts, and hoodies. You can find them here.)


OTHER IMPORTANT STUFF: After submitting your photo, we'll e-mail you the appropriate discount code to use at checkout. Remember: To get either deal, your photo must be uploaded no later than 6 p.m. (PST) on Monday, July 11. And your discount code is valid only through noon (PST) on Tuesday, July 12.


Caperon and Disco


Baby Blanket


Black Pot-Docs




Set Sale on Seas of Supple Seersucker


In addition to all those discounts, we've put our entire line of seersucker pants, shorts, and hoodies on sale. They're magically soft and lightweight — the perfect antidotes to summer swelter. Click here to head on over to the seersucker clearance rack right now.


Crimson Seersucker Hoodie




Model Citizen Challenge Update


Last week, we called upon our Model Citizenry to submit their best all-American photos. And did they ever. Of course, offering the very first of our forthcoming Disco Hoodies as a grand prize really helped.


USA Pants and Caperon Album


The contest runs through this weekend, so there's still time for you to show off your love of country. Use Model Citizen to upload the finest photo of your patriotic self clad in USA Pants, a Caperon, or any other red, white, or blue Betabrand product. (Do it before 6 p.m. PST on Monday, and you'll score the 30% weekend discount.)


Fans can shower their favorite Model Citizens with likes and comments on our Facebook Fan Page. (Sorry, Stephen Colbert and Regis Philbin can't win.)




Fourth of July Video Action Roundup


As eagles soared and fireworks crackled, our USA Pants and Caperons showed up on legs and midsections around across the fruited plain. In addition to an all-American avalanche of photos, we also have a couple of fine videos to show off. First up, here's Regis and Kelly sporting their Caperons while discussing Asian-style ribs.


Regis and Kelly video


Next, Regis and Kelly's West Coast rivals Bill and Hadley put a pair of USA Pants through its paces on the slopes of Squaw Valley.


USA Pants in Squaw Valley video


Got a cool video of your own? We'd love to see it. E-mail it to us, and you never know where it might end up.






See other Betabrand fans face-to-face on our Facebook fan page. This is our message board, rumor mill, lightning-deal depot, and Model Citizen HQ.


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