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  • Vice shows off the corduroy side of Betabrand's black smoking jacket, as well as the Hell-hued brocade interior.
  • Unleash your inner rockstar with the Black smoking jacket from Betabrand
  • Detail shot of the skull button which fastens the Blackhorse Reversible Smoking Jacket by Betabrand.
  • Adam enjoys a stogie while relaxing outside of the club in his Betabrand Smoking Jacket
  • man with date at bar in his mens reversible smoking jacket
  • mens black reversible jacket model flirts with bartender
  • Man smokes cigarette in reversible red brocade smoking jacket
  • The Betabrand Smoking Jacket is reversible, and is like having two jackets in one.

How does it fit?

Comfortably. It’s relaxed enough to reverse quickly, but it’s not baggy. If you’re in between sizes, choose the smaller one.

How is it sized?

See the sizing guide.

How do I care for it?

Dry-clean only.

Vital Statistics

  • Fabric: 100% cotton moleskin with a poly-rayon (50/50) liner.
  • Seven flask-sized pockets.
  • Fumble-proof buttons and buttonholes.
  • The most intimidating skull buttons ever forged by mortal man.
mens black reversible smoking jacket image

Men's Black Corduroy Reversible Smoking Jacket

The Incredible Chameleon Coat

Like a fine-fabric chameleon, our reversible smoking jacket can adapt to its surroundings in a flash.

On one side, it's a modern corduroy coat. Stay conservative, or fancy it up a notch by flipping the cashmere collar and deploying a decorative auto-hankie from the left breast pocket. Speaking of pockets, they’re lined with the softest substance in the known universe.

And when you're ready for a full-throttled dive into vice, reverse the coat to reveal a silky, hell-hued smoking jacket. It buttons with a skull, to show you mean business.

mens reversible smoking jacket in black

Better Than

Fresh Camel Milk

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