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How does it fit?

Comfortably — loose enough to move around in, but not baggy. Choose your size like you're shopping for a T-shirt. If you're between sizes, we recommend you order a size up.


Like any garment made from raw wool, the Black Sheep Sweater is dry-clean only.

Vital Statistics

  • Fabric: 81% natural (i.e., undyed and untreated) wool from actual black sheep, 19% black alpaca.
  • Ribbed collar and cuffs
  • Made in California.

Women's Version

Black Sheep Wrap Sweater

men's Black sheep sweater specs image

Men's Black Raw-Wool Sweater - Different, Like You

Every family has its black sheep. But does every black sheep have his very own sweater?

Now he does. It's made of raw wool that's naturally black — more grayish-brown, actually — because it comes from actual black sheep, which are actually quite rare.

(How rare? Very rare. Not quite Sasquatch-rare, but rest assured they're pretty darn close. In fact, only about 1% of domestic sheep are naturally dark, which is why we have to make our Black Sheep Sweaters in such absurdly small batches.)

Despite their name, these ovine outcasts are some of the happiest sheep around. They're raised how you'd imagine sheep would like to be raised in the Western U.S. — in fresh air and wide open spaces, with lots of summer grass to munch on during the day and a complete collection of John Wayne DVDs to watch at night.

And the yarn made from their wool is all-natural — undyed and untreated. Rest assured that our Black Sheep Sweaters (and their cloven-hoofed namesakes) have never seen the inside of a chemical vat or smoke-belching megafactory.

Questions? If there's anything else you want to know about this product, please contact us.

ORION The Black Sheep

All hail ORION, mighty cloven-hoofed lord of hill and dale! With a thunderous bleat that echoes through the West like an ovine locomotive, ORION is truly the King Of All Black Sheep.

Cross him and your life is forfeit!


Better Than

Fresh Camel Milk

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