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Bike to Work FlipSlip Shoes

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Women’s Cycling Commuter Flats

Designer and avid cyclist Esther Flatto explains her cycling-shoe Think Tank concept:

I worked together with Betabrand designers to make the Bike to Work FlipSlip the perfect foldable shoes for the urban cyclist.

As a commuter in San Francisco, I bike 365 days a year and I wanted a shoe that allows me to pedal, while having the versatility of allowing me to wear any shoes that I choose.

The Bike to Work FlipSlip is a ballet flat that features a flexible neoprene upper and rubber outsole that makes it ultra comfortable for everyday walking and cycling.

It comes with two ankle straps that can easily be swapped out or removed altogether. One is reflective for night time riding, and the other is black for a more refined look. The strap can also be completely removed from the shoe and used to cuff your pants if you’re wearing looser pants.

The best part is they fold up so you can take them anywhere! It folds sole to sole and the upper reverses and compresses the shoe so it fits in a pocket or a small purse — all allowing you to have a back-up pair of shoes that's far more comfortable to ride in than your heels.

I hope you'll love Bike to Work FlipSlips! Please remember to vote to help them get made.

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Esther Flatto

Esther Flatto

Esther Flatto is a San Francisco-based designer who bikes to work 365 days a year through rain, sleet, and fog.

She's the founder of FlipSlip Shoes and the SF Crowdfunding Movement. When she's not out solving some of the world's most pressing problems, like ending high-heel pain for women everywhere, you'll most likely find her at fashion and entrepreneurship events, coffee shops, shopping, running at Ocean Beach, or riding her bike down SF streets in her FlipSlips.

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