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Stopped by @risecoffeestl this morning to get on my morning buzz. Loving my dress pant yoga pants from the rad peeps at @betabrand_hq they soooo stretchy. Michelle in STL.
Model Citizen wheelchair BASE Jumper Lonnie Bissonnette being interviewed on ESPN's SportsCenter in his Disco Hoodie
I was so excited to finally receive my Gray Bootflare Dress Pant Yoga Pants after waiting for months. After washing them to magically shrink the pant legs, I immediately wore them to work. They are as comfortable as they are stylish, and were complimented by my colleagues. We agreed that all pants should be made like this. Later that day, I learned exactly how amazing these pants truly are. It was my 3 year work anniversary & I was headed to get a massage. While walking down the concrete stairs, I thought I was on the final landing, but instead had 2 full steps left to go... I step, miss the stairs & BOOM, I go down, hard... On my knees, hands, and eventually roll to my side, then to my back as to not face-plant into the concrete.This is the one time I wish someone was around to witness me fall, so they could help. The pain was unbelievable and it took me quite some time to get back up on my feet. Luckily my massage therapist is just across the residential-style street that I work on. I finally look to find a very bloody knee, scraped and bruised shin, and my aerosoles shoes destroyed. So, the truly amazing part is that the Dress Pant Yoga Pants were more than fine!! No scruffs, cuts, or any other visible markings. Even after being washed again, the pants still showed no damage. I suppose it is pretty ridiculous that after walking up & down the same stairs for 3 years, I fall with my brand spankin' new pants on... but, now I know exactly how awesome they are & ordered another pair in black.Thanks BetaBrand! :)~JaimeHotlanta
Skydive selfie with Model Citizen Jamie C. over Burning Man, Black Rock City, NV