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The Facts

Classic Cotton Crew Shirt

How does it fit?

GoTees fit snugly. If you like a looser fit, we suggest ordering a size up from what you normally wear.

How do I care for it?

Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.####Vital Statistics

Dyed a rich blueprint-blue

Blank-slate sleeve graphic

Ringed cuffs and collar

Henley tab

The GoTee Shirt Challenge

The GoTee is more than a rugged crew shirt. It’s an entertaining excuse for you to accomplish something — anything. Like climbing a mountain. Or eating a mountain of Rocky Mountain oysters. Or painting a porpoise portrait. Or perhaps teaching a porpoise to paint portraits.

Not only did Betabrand engineers design GoTees to motivate all manner of personal projects, quests, and challenges, they also created an online community where GoTees participants can share their trials and tribulations. At long last, through the power of fashion and technology, a man trying to grow a mighty mustache in Maine can inspire a woman training to climb a mountain in Montana. And vice-versa!

Here’s how it works:

  • When you get your GoTee, draw a design on the sleeve that symbolizes your goal. (Sharpies or Magic Markers are ideal.)
    Then snap a photo and send us a copy that we can share with the rest of the GoTees community. The cooler, funnier, or flat-out weirder your logo, the better.

  • Submit periodic field reports to the message board below. This is where you and your fellow participants can share stories, photos, and inspiration. (Also feel free to tweet about your adventures. Just be sure to include #GoTees.) Again, humor is strongly encouraged.

  • If you reach your GoTee goal, send us some sort of photographic evidence. We'll then send you an ultra-coveted, supremely silly Betabrand Victory Shirt. (Note: Only the first 100 successful participants will receive a V-Shirt.) . Whether you ultimately succeed, fail, and/or wind up in a Turkish prison, at least you'll know that you've participated in a fantastic fashion adventure!

To victory!

Better Than

Fresh Camel Milk

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