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How do they fit?

True to size. Straight legged, relaxed, not baggy. Triple-button feature lets you expand the waist at feeding time, giving your distended stomach plenty of room to grow.

What if I don't have a 32" inseam?

We’re a small business, so we offer only a couple of lengths right now. Fortunately, any tailor can hem our pants to a great fit.

How do I care for them?

Machine wash cold, tumble dry low. (They’re pre-washed.)

Caramel Canvas Pants With Glutton-Print Liner

Trousers For Buffet Browsers

To honor the rich American tradition of overindulgence, we've teamed up with legendary San Francisco chef Chris Cosentino, proprietor of Incanto (a restaurant that serves things like whole hogs’ heads), to create the perfect pants for the sophisticated glutton.

Gluttony Pants sport a trio of buttons (labeled Piglet, Sow, and Boar) to accommodate gratuitous waistline expansion during feeding time. They also feature waist and pocket liners that lovingly illustrate the life cycle of the glutton — from the miracle of birth to those last, mouth-stuffing moments of esophageal ecstasy before total coronary explosion.

Don't attempt feats of feasting without a pair of Gluttony Pants. Available only at

Better Than

Fresh Camel Milk

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