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How do they fit?

Our cords fit true to size.

What if my inseam is 30" or 34"?

We’re a small business, so we offer only a couple of lengths right now. Fortunately, any tailor can hem our corduroy pants to a great fit.

How do I care for them?

Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.

Vital Statistics

  • Fabric: 100% cotton.
  • Side-flash pockets.
  • Evil-eye rear pockets.
  • Coated in the finest sweet crude.

Men's Black Corduroy Pants With Peacock Liner

Finally, Horizontal Corduroy Pants

Recently, Betabrand teamed up with the Intercontinental Petroleum Institute on a new pair of pants designed to raise oil awareness in the United States. We invite you to put on a pair and show the world you care about our viscous friend!

Talk about leaving a fashionable carbon footprint! These might be the best frackin' pair of black cords you'll ever own. Not only are Black Cordarounds made with a luxurious blend of soft cotton and sweet crude, their unique horizontal design offers distinct technological advances over conventional corduroy pants.

More Aerodynamic: The corduroy in Cordarounds goes sideways instead of up-and-down, lowering drag coefficient by an amazing 16.24%!

Quieter: Horizontal orientation means no more corduroy "swish-swish."

Friction-Free: Unlike vertical corduroy, which produces friction that can heat your crotch to uncomfortable, potentially catastrophic levels, Cordarounds’ horizontal wales mesh evenly, lowering the average wearer’s crotch heat index (CHI) reading by up to 22%.

Cordarounds mesh evenly, lowering the average wearer’s crotch heat index (CHI) reading by up to 22%.

We’ve always thought our Cordarounds were cooler than common cords. Now we have the data to prove it.

Better Than

Fresh Camel Milk

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